Miranda Lambert Reveals the Inspiration Behind Her ‘Tequila Does’ Remix

by Clayton Edwards

Miranda Lambert has been experimenting musically over the past year. First, she stepped away from her usual big production to cut The Marfa Tapes with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. She also teamed up with Elle King for a full-on pop banger with “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home).”

Then, Miranda Lambert surprised everyone when she dropped an electronic remix of her fan-favorite song “Tequila Does,” just in time for the Fourth of July. The song is unadulterated summer fun. It features Lambert’s vocals over a light and laid-back electronic beat. However, it left some people scratching their heads wondering why she decided to do the remix. After all, some people thought that Lambert was heading in the opposite direction after the success of The Marfa Tapes.

However, it seems that Miranda Lambert took a gamble and it paid off. The song is getting generally positive fan feedback on YouTube. At the same time, it’s currently sitting at nearly 300,000 plays on Spotify. So, it looks like many of Lambert’s fans are enjoying it.

Earlier today, Miranda Lambert was on The Bobby Bones Show. While she was there, they discussed a wide range of topics. At one point during the interview, Miranda talked about why she decided to do the remix and how she felt about the song after she heard it.

Miranda Lambert On Her ‘Tequila Does’ Remix

Bobby Bones wanted to know, “With ‘Tequila Does,’ the new remix is out. What was the reason to make this song a little different?”

Miranda Lambert started by saying that she had never done a remix before. So, the new “Tequila Does,” remix is actually her first. Then, she went on to talk about what inspired her to remix it. “I did a private show and I was just doing my regular country version of [“Tequila Does”] and everybody was dancing their asses off.” That sparked a (possibly) booze-induced idea.

Miranda Lambert went on to say, “I might have been under the influence of alcohol after the show…” But that didn’t stop her from calling her manager, who was at the show and had witnessed the crowd’s reaction to the song. Miranda told her manager that she wanted to do a remix of the tune to see how it would work. Then, her manager followed up on it and they teamed up with Jesse Frasure, a Nashville-based producer and DJ who performs under the name Telemitry. About the result of the collaboration, Miranda Lambert said, “I love it.”

Then, she gave Bobby Bones and, by extension, his listeners a little behind-the-scenes info on the new single. “It wasn’t actually a remix.”

Lambert said that she had to re-record her vocals because they didn’t originally record the song to a click track.

To sum it all up, she said that it turned out to be a “fun summer vibe.”