Miranda Lambert Reveals What Was ‘Scary’ About Releasing ‘The Marfa Tapes’

by Katie Maloney

Almost every artist will tell you that it’s scary to release a piece of work the feels close to their hearts. Country superstar Miranda Lambert agrees.

Creating art requires a person to connect with the deepest, most vulnerable parts of themselves. So, releasing that art to the world can be scary in itself. But combine that without any editing or production and releasing the art gets a little scarier. Miranda Lambert said just that in a recent Instagram post.

She shared a video of herself playing her song “Tin Man” for The Marfa Tapes album. During the video, she sits on the back of a truck, with the wind blowing in her air as she sings and plays the guitar. It’s beautiful. It’s raw. And it’s the exact vibe we love about The Marfa Tapes.

During the video, Miranda Lambert admits that releasing the album was scary.

“It’s like we’re taking people on a really raw and intimate journey,” said Lambert. “It’s scary, it’s risky. And it’s very very vulnerable to not have any fixes. Not have any production. To just let the wind blow and the birds and the cows, and kind of let it be.”

Along with the video, Lambert wrote, “It’s scary to put out a record with no fixes. #TheMarfaTapes is just us and our imperfections.”

She also promoted the release of the official music video for the albums version of her song “Tin Man.”

Lambert wrote, “See the full #TinMan performance from The Marfa Tapes Film out tomorrow on my Facebook page.”

What Are Fans Saying About Miranda Lambert’s Vulnerability?

We hear you, Miranda Lambert! It’s not easy opening yourself up like that. But, vulnerability often pays off in really beautiful ways. And that’s definitely the case with The Marfa Tapes. Fans are already thanking Lambert for being a symbol of strength for women everywhere.

One fan replied to Lambert’s post with, “I love you Miranda because you are real, not afraid to be yourself and in so many situations and pain you handle everything with grace and love. As women, we identify with you. Someone, I can look up to. You’re beautiful in and out.”

Another fan wrote, ” I think it’s your best work yet. Emotional, raw, honest, and all the works and more. Can’t wait for more.”

One more fan celebrated that the album featured Miranda Lambert’s true voice.

She wrote, “Just showcases your true talent, no fixes nothing to hide behind just your raw beautiful voice.”

In conclusion, it may be scary Miranda Lambert, but your fans appreciate the vulnerability. We can’t wait to see the full version of this music video!