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Miranda Lambert Reveals Story Behind Hit Song ‘Bluebird’

by Madison Miller
(Photo by Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

Miranda Lambert recently explained the meaning behind her CMA Song of the Year nominee, “Bluebird.” 

It started off as a one-word inspiration before it took flight into a No.1 song in country music. According to Taste of Country, this is Lambert’s first No.1 hit in about six years. She has had four total as an artist. 

Lambert is the Academy of Country Music’s most-awarded artist in history. She is up for three different awards for the CMAs, one of which is for “Bluebird.” The CMAs premiere this Wednesday, November 11. 

The Start of ‘Bluebird’

The hit song started after Luke Dick heard a quote from Charles Bukowski. 

“He was saying that he had a bluebird that he wouldn’t show anyone that it was this sort of guarded thing … I liked the image of it but wanted to change the idea,” Dick said. 

Eventually, he ended up with the lyrics, “Turn a light on in my soul, keep a bluebird in my heart.”

Shortly after, Miranda Lambert and Natalie Hemby heard the lyrics and had a few consecutive nights to piece together something cohesive, “Bluebird” was on its way to becoming a hit. 

“It felt like a very timely song, a very hopeful song. I loved the ‘34 was bad, so I just turn to 35,’” Hemby said. 

The song is timely and hopeful. Lambert said that it has been a while since having a song so special. She cites some of the credit to her superstition that all of her one-word records have done “magical things for me.”

A Hit Made Just For 2020

Beyond being a song that encapsulates the struggles Lambert was facing at the time, it also became a symbol of the mutual struggle that 2020 has given everyone. 

According to Dick, “Bluebird” is something “fragile” and “delicate,” but also a “symbol of hope” for people.

“2020 happens and it becomes a perspective for a lot of people … every time I hear it I get excited and I feel better,” Lambert said.