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Miranda Lambert Reveals Which Album Released in 2020 She ‘Can’t Get Enough of’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Jon Morgan/CBS via Getty Images)

For country star Miranda Lambert, there is one album release this year that she is obsessing over. But what album could it be?

The singer revealed it on her Instagram account on Friday. And, the winner is: Plastic Hearts – the new album recently released by Miley Cyrus. “This record,” Lambert posted alongside a photo of the album cover. “I can’t get enough of it.”

Lambert didn’t elaborate on why she is such a fan of her fellow star’s latest release. It’s safe to assume, however, she has many reasons for enjoying it. The rock album has 15 tracks and includes covers of “Heart of Glass” and “Zombies.”

Miranda Lambert is sure to be a fan of the original tracks on the album as well. These include the title track “Angels Like You” and “Gimme What I Want.”

Cyrus’ ex-husband Liam Hemsworth was the inspiration for some lyrics on the album, the singer has said. For example, the song, “WTF Do I Know,” references the couple’s relationship. In it Cyrus sings, “Am I wrong that I moved on and I, And I don’t even miss you? Thought that it’d be you until I die. But I let go.”

In Plastic Hearts, Cyrus also collaborates with some well-known rock voices for fans such as Miranda Lambert to enjoy. Joan Jett joins her on the song “Bad Karma,” while Billy Idol lends his voice to “Night Crawling.”

Miranda Lambert isn’t the only fan of Plastic Hearts.

Rolling Stone’s Claire Shaffer gave the album four out of five stars. “Listening through Plastic Hearts is like bar-hopping along the Sunset Strip — if the Sunset Strip somehow played host to the biggest rock acts of the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties on a single Friday night, and they were all fronted by Axl Rose,” Shaffer writes.

Plastic Hearts was released on Nov. 27.