Miranda Lambert Says New Song ‘Strange’ Addresses ‘Heavy Things’ Happening in the World

by Suzanne Halliburton

Miranda Lambert and two of her writing partners came up with a perfect, cheeky song reflecting these strange, whacky, times. Sing the chorus of “Strange” and maybe a potential world war with Russia doesn’t cause so much anxiety. Same for escalating gas prices or social media angst.

And to think, Miranda Lambert wrote the song two years ago when the country was shut down in a pandemic. That almost seems like a quaint time, back when folks sat on the couch and binge-watched Tiger King as the world shut down.

“Strange” was created “in a really cool organic way,” Miranda Lambert told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, according to Taste of Country. “Natalie Hemby and Luke Dick and I were out writing at my farm and Natalie had this really cool idea and melody and just the song title ‘Strange.’ We were talking about all the strangeness going on in the world at the time.

“We did write it in 2020,” Lambert explains. “We kind of wrote it towards addressing some heavy things, but mostly we want people to take away from this song to be lighter on their feet and take a breath and play a song and do a dance and maybe fly somewhere fun, just kind of escape from a reality that isn’t too good.” 

Miranda Lambert Records Perfect Song to Make the ‘Strange’ Go Away

And as we’ve all seen, the Strange never really goes away. Maybe that’s why the song seems, well, timeless, in a 2020 decade kind of way. Let’s check some of those cheeky Miranda Lambert lyrics.

Coyotes on my left and wolves on my right. Sun keeps shining in the middle of the night. Urban feels suburban, Main Street ain’t Main, yeah, and times like these make me feel strange.

You can fill in who those coyotes and wolves may be. It’s probably intentionally written to expel your own particular demons. Be gone, gas pump.

But as Miranda Lambert said, she wants “Strange” to make a person feel lighter. Chunk those burdens, whether it’s dealing with a virus, cussing out your broken down washing machine, or plugging your ears when folks start yelling at each other.

Now, grab a beer or a cup of coffee and sing this Miranda Lambert “Strange” chorus with some gusto.

Have a smoke, buy a round, get on a jetliner goin’ anywhere bound.
Pick a string, sing a blues, dance a holе in your shoes,
Do anything to keep you sane, cause timеs like these make me feel strange. Times like these make me feel strange

Spin Ahead: Lambert’s New Album Drops April 29

Lambert teased the song for several days on social media before she officially released it to the masses on Thursday. The song also is part of her “Palomino” album, which will drop, April 29.

The album features 15 tracks. A dozen of them are new, with three appearing on “The Marfa Tapes.” That was Lambert’s collaboration with fellow Texans Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. It got the documentary treatment on Paramount+ because in January. And the collaboration also is nominated for best country album at next month’s Grammy Awards. Her fellow album nominees include Skeletons — Brothers Osborne; Remember Her Name — Mickey Guyton; The Ballad Of Dood & Juanita — Sturgill Simpson and Starting Over — Chris Stapleton.

Palomino is Lambert’s first solo album since Wildcard in 2019. That project included her smash hit, Bluebird.