Miranda Lambert Sends Love on 9/11 with Patriotic Display

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2018/FilmMagic for ACM)

Honoring those who lost their lives during the September 11th attacks two decades ago, country superstar Miranda Lambert took to her Instagram to share a patriotic display snapshot.

“We will never forget,” Miranda Lambert began the post. She then recalled watching her American flag waving in the wind and remembering every detail about the 2001 infamous attacks. “[I was] standing in choir class hearing over the loudspeaker at Lindale High School that our country was under attack. I’ll never be able to comprehend why. It changed us all.”

Lambert then stated she is sending love and light today and every day to the families of those who tragically lost their lives on September 11th. “To the first responders and military, thank [you] for [your] bravery and sacrifice. I’m proud to come from a family of first responders and to have married into one. God Bless America!”

Miranda Lambert Recalls Where She Was During September 11th Attacks 

During an interview with Taste of Country, Miranda Lambert opened up about where she was when the September 11th attacks happened. “I was a sophomore in high school. I was in the choir, and I remember even in my little bitty town of East Texas – in Lindale Texas – there was kids leaving’ school because their loved ones had been injured or killed in 9/11.”

Miranda Lambert then stated that the attacks affected so many people and so many people. “It’ll never be forgotten as long as I live. I’ll always remember where I was and that feeling.”

Miranda Lambert’s Life in New York City With NYPD Husband

According to Heavy, Miranda Lambert previously purchased a $2 million Manhattan apartment in 2019 so she can balance her time between Nashville and New York City. Her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, is an NYPD officer. “My heart is in Texas and Tennessee, but my husband has opened my eyes to a whole new world,” the country star previously told People about living in New York City.

Miranda Lambert did admit that she’s actually not a fan of the New York City Subway system. “I’m scared of the stops. I know I won’t pay attention — I’m ADD — so I’ll be daydreaming and miss my place to get out.”

Lambert does admit McLoughlin was trying to fix her fear by getting her to “chill out” about it. The NYPD officer has also shown her a whole new side of the city. “I’ve been to New York so many times, but I’ve only worked. I’ve never just gotten to like hang out and wander the city and really take in what that is, good and bad. There’s these crazy awesome rock bars and graffiti, I really enjoy it.”