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Miranda Lambert Shares Her Hilarious Reason for Not Recording a Song With Husband Brendan McLoughlin

by Jacklyn Krol
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for ACM)

Miranda Lambert has one reason for not recording music with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin.

During a recent interview with the Bobby Bones Show she revealed that he would definitely come on stage to perform with her.

“Should he? I don’t think so,” Miranda Lambert joked. “He loves it. One of my best friends sings background with me, Gwen. And she was like, ‘We should get Brendan up to do a song with us.’ And I was like, ‘He’ll never leave the stage if he gets up there. He’s just one of those naturally fun-loving entertaining people.”

At the opening of her downtown Nashville bar and restaurant Casa Rosa, the couple karaoked two songs from Grease. The two clearly had a great time performing together and it quickly went viral.

“He can sing okay but he’s more about the performance. He just loves it,” she concluded.

McLoughlin paid tribute to Miranda Lambert in honor of the grand opening of her establishment. He said that he could not be more proud of her.

“The love for your art and the passion to stay true to who you are shine in every step of this establishment. You’ll forever be the Sandy to my Danny but I’ll do the world a favor and let @johntravolta keep singing that one,” he wrote.

Miranda Lambert’s Husband And Inspiration

“Mess With My Head” was inspired by her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, and their time together in New York City. She co-wrote the song alongside Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby.

She said in an email to fans that the song was “a departure from anything that I’ve done before.”

You’ll recall that the pair met in November 2018 in NYC. Her band The Pistol Annies were performing on Good Morning America when her bandmates spotted him working security. They secretly invited him to a show behind her back and they hit it off.

Miranda Lambert’s husband has inspired numerous recent hits. “Settling Down” was also inspired in the moment where she really saw a future for the pair.

“So what inspired the song ‘Settling Down’ was really falling in love with my husband,” she said in an interview. “You know, I got this traveling bone that keeps me on the road and I love what I do and I love to go camping and take my Airstream around the country.”

Because of the pandemic last year Miranda Lambert realized that she was “nesting a little more than I ever have been able to.” Overall, the song resonates with her the most during that time.