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Miranda Lambert Speaks on Hoping She’s ‘Opened Some Doors for Women’ in Music

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Miranda Lambert has become an absolute staple in country music, and now she wants to help more women blaze their trails as artists.

Lambert drops her ninth studio album, “Palomino,” on April 29, per Taste of Country. She’s been making incredible music since 2005 and shows no signs of stopping. And now that Miranda Lambert has solidified herself as a country artist, she says that this gives her more freedom to be creative with her music.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have a long career where I can have a little freedom creatively, but it’s still scary,” Lambert told Rolling Stone. “I want people to accept both and not be like, ‘Well, that’s not country! That’s not commercial!’ These are just songs I love, and it doesn’t matter where they fit.”

Lambert’s sound has definitely shifted over the years, especially from “Kerosene” to “The Marfa Tapes,” released last fall. But they’re all uniquely her sound, and Miranda Lambert hopes that other women in music can find their sound too. And hopefully without the heavy criticisms laid on many female artists.

“I hope that’s opened some doors for women, especially, to go, ‘I can put out whatever I want and sound like whatever I want and look like whatever I want. And if I change my mind, that’s just what I do,'” Lambert continued.

Artists are their own people and should be allowed to create however they want. But that’s not always the case when money and profit get involved.

Miranda Lambert Discusses Difficulties of Creating a Career as a Woman in Music

Miranda Lambert knows all too well the pressures placed on musical artists, women especially. Not only do they have to sound just right, but they have to look just right too. Lambert could have started out her career doing the kind of music that she wanted, but she decided to play the long game. And now it’s paid off for her.

“My goal was longevity,” Lambert said. “I wanted to be someone who says something important and does it through music and can stay a long time. I wanted an Emmylou [Harris] career. That’s what I wanted, even though some of the roads were long because I didn’t pick the right commercial sound or the right outfit or whatever it was at the time that was hot.”

She added, “I didn’t have my first No.1 until my third record, and that was OK with me. It was about establishing something.”

And now, 17 years later, Miranda Lambert has certainly established something for herself. When “Palomino” debuts, Lambert sets off on her Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town. Then she kicks off her Las Vegas residency, “Velvet Rodeo,” on Sept. 23. It runs through April 2023.