Miranda Lambert Still Cries While Performing One Song

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

One of the beautiful things about country music is its ability to move you. Some songs can reach deep into your soul and stir emotions or bring back memories from years ago. Just about every country fan has one of those songs that they can’t hear without shedding a few tears. Those songs are usually listed among their favorites. There’s something about a piece of music that can move you to tears that is special. However, it isn’t just the fans that feel the emotions in the songs. Miranda Lambert has one song that still brings her to tears sometimes when she plays it live.

Miranda Lambert was on The Bobby Bones Show earlier today. While she was there, she talked about the brand new “Tequila Does,” remix and some of her other hit songs. At one point during the interview, the conversation turned to the one song that still tugs Miranda’s heartstrings when she plays it.

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About The Song That Still Makes Her Cry

Bobby Bones brought the conversation to emotional territory when he asked. “Where in your setlist do you play ‘House That Built Me’?”

Miranda Lambert said that she puts the song around the middle of her live sets. Bones then asked if that was the song when the crowd gets the quietest or sings the loudest. Lambert said that the crowd always sings the loudest on “The House That Built Me.” Which is good news for her. She added that sometimes she still cries when she plays the song live. Some nights, she says, it just hits her harder than others. Then, she pointed out a specific incident where she couldn’t get through the song. However, the crowd stepped in to help her out.

“Certain nights, it’ll hit me hard,” Miranda Lambert began. “Especially if I’m playing at home. Like, when I was playing Billy Bob’s a couple of months ago. My whole family was in the crowd and I hadn’t been to Billy Bob’s in so long. But, I kind of started there. So, I went into the first line [of “The House That Built Me”] and instantly started bawling. The crowd sang the whole song.”

Then, Bones asked if she thought the crowd could sing the whole song if she just played the chords to it. Miranda Lambert replied, “They have, they do. They help me through it for sure.”

The song moves Miranda Lambert deeply because she can relate to it so well. However, as she points out in the interview, she didn’t write it. She does, however, feel fortunate to have it in her catalog because it has been a staple for her over the years.