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Miranda Lambert is Still Upset Carrie Underwood Lost to Garth Brooks at 2019 CMA Awards

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Mickey Bernal / Contributor/ Getty Images)

At the 2019 CMA Awards, Garth Brooks took the crown over star Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert was not pleased with the decision.

As the 2020 CMA Awards approach, many women in Country music are nominated for big awards like Lambert, Underwood, and McBryde.

However, one artist they will not have to worry about is Garth Brooks, who took himself out of this year’s running for Entertainer of the Year. Last year, Brooks won the award, but not without backlash.

In July, Brooks made the announcement official what he would not like to be considered for the award. Many fans praised him for the decision. Brooks said that he has plenty of awards at this point in his career and wanted to give up the position to make room for newer stars.

In 2019, however, the push for more women in music had many people upset that Carrie Underwood didn’t win. Fans were also stunned that Eric Church didn’t take to award, considering his massive touring numbers.

Miranda Lambert is Still Salty

Lambert said that Brooks’ win over Underwood was not right and that she is still mad about it.

“I think last year was bullsh*t and that Carrie Underwood should have taken it,” Miranda Lambert told the LA Times. “I’m still a little bit grudge-y about it. Although I love Garth—he was my first concert when I was ten years old—there’s times and places for things, and I just felt like it was the wrong thing. But this year, I’m excited because I feel like it’s the way that it should be. And maybe that’s because he pulled out of it; I don’t know. But I think everyone in the category deserves to be there.”

The CMA Awards will take place on Wednesday, and Lambert leads the pack with seven nominees. Underwood and Lambert are in contention together for Entertainer of the Year. This is the first time two women have been nominated for the award in around 20 years.

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