Miranda Lambert Talks Posting Shirtless Pics of Her Husband Brendan McLoughlin: ‘He Loves It’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA)

She raises some eyebrows when featuring pictures of her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, shirtless on her social media accounts, and now country music superstar Miranda Lambert is opening up about what McLoughlin really thinks about the snapshots. 

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Miranda Lambert revealed if she feels that she’s exploiting her husband with the shirtless snaps. “I told him, ‘God gave you that amazing body. You’re beautiful. Please share with the world. Don’t be rude,’” Lambert explained. She also declared that McLoughlin actually loves the pictures being in public spaces. 

“He’s on board and thinks it’s funny,” Miranda Lambert continued. “He also works really hard at it. I’m like, ‘I work hard on my music. And I want people to hear it. You work hard on those abs. People need to see that, bud. I’m sorry.’”

Miranda Lambert goes on to add that while she tends to take herself way too seriously sometimes, her husband is the complete opposite. “He’s just a fun-loving, fun-hearted guy that is down for anything.”

Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert revealed that her husband, who is an NYPD officer, has also exposed her to New York City life. “I got an apartment in SoHo and did New York life and I loved it. I thought it was good for my creative process. And it was good for me to just branch out.”

Miranda Lambert goes on to say that she believes that New York is a “magical” place. However, she’s not exactly adjusted to city life. “Mind you, after about five days of the horns and stuff, I’m like, ‘OK, farm time I need to go shovel some horsesh— so I can find myself again.’ But I love both.”

Miranda Lambert Talks ‘Y’all Means All’ Single

While chatting with Rolling Stone, Miranda Lambert also opened up about her single “Y’all Means All” about the importance of her showing support for the LGBTQIA community.

“I feel like I didn’t realize I wasn’t helping by not saying more,” Miranda Lambert explained. “I want to be part of a wave of change. And I’m learning every day.”

Miranda then discussed her single “All Kinds of Kinds” as another example of acceptance. “‘All Kinds of Kinds’ was my first statement about being who you are and being accepted. And I never would shy away from it. I just wasn’t being loud enough, I guess, and I don’t usually wave flags. I just say what I want to say in my music subtly. And live my life.”

Miranda Lambert goes on to add that she has always been firm on never letting politics into her professional life. However, she does think if she has a platform, she should stand up for things she believes in. “I am super-excited that I can be supportive of the LGBTQ community. And I hope I can be a voice that helps people to be accepting and open-minded about all kinds of things.”