Miranda Lambert Teases ‘Sleek and Sexy’ Award Show Look Before Grammys

by Katie Maloney

What is Miranda Lambert’s favorite sexy accessory for this year’s Grammy Award Show?

It’s not jewelry, a cute clutch, or even a shiny award from her past Grammy wins. Miranda Lambert teased that her sexiest award show accessory this year is her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. During an interview, Miranda bosted about her look for Sunday’s festivities.

“I’m going sleek and sexy,” said Lambert. “I have a dress, and a really hot husband who has a really nice suit, so we’re good on that. I’m not really a princess gal.”

Miranda Lambert’s Bluebird Is Dominating The Grammys

Miranda has three Grammy nominations this year for Best Country Album, Best Country Song, and Best Country Solo Performance for her album and the song, Bluebird. And she will perform “Bluebird” during the Grammys ceremony with her band. During an interview, she shared what fans can expect from the performance.

“The set is beautiful,” said Lambert. “It’s very feminine and beautiful. Also, there’s an energy with my band and I, because we haven’t played ‘Bluebird,’ really since it’s been ‘Bluebird.’ So we’re really happy to be up there and playing music.”

The song is about moving through life’s ups and downs in the best way you can. During the song, Miranda sings, “And if the house just keeps on winning, I got a wildcard up my sleeve. And if love keeps giving me lemons, I’ll just mix ’em in my drink. If the whole wide world stops singing, and all the stars go dark I’ll keep a light on in my soul. And keep a bluebird in my heart.”

Although “Bluebird” was recorded before the beginning of the pandemic, Miranda said that the song was a beacon of hope for her over the last year. And she’s glad that so many fans felt the same way.

“I think ‘Bluebird’ just came at a really crazy time. I think the message of the song, we obviously would never have known what we were writing when we were writing it,” she continued. “But when it became a single, it was kind of the beginning of 2020. So I think it was kind of a little beacon of a song of hope for people. It was for us, so I’m really thankful that it came out when it did, and that it helped people through something.”

Catch Miranda Lambert’s performance at the 2021 Grammy’s this Sunday on CBS starting at 8 p.m. ET. You can also stream the ceremony live on Paramount+.