Miranda Lambert Says ‘The Marfa Tapes’ is ‘Just a Bunch of Texas People’ Writing Songs Together

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for ACM)

Miranda Lambert and a couple of her country-music-singing Texas friends rented a bungalow in a tiny town just so they could write beautiful songs together.

The voices of Lambert, along with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, are the stars of the new album “The Marfa Tapes.” But so is Marfa, the artsy community in West Texas that’s three hours away from the nearest public airport and a seven-hour drive from Austin, the state capitol.

People know about the town. Fellow Texans Matthew McConaughey and Beyonce vacation there. But it’s just so darn out of the way.

In an interview Friday on the “Bobby Bones Show,” Miranda Lambert said:

“We started going out there to write songs. There’s something magical about that place. There’s art there, I can’t explain why. But the last five or six years, we’ve been going out there and staying for three or four days in this bungalow and writing songs.”

Lambert released the first song on Friday. It’s called “In His Arms.” The entire “Marfa Tapes” album will come out in two months. “In His Arms” was a delightful taste of what’s to come.

Miranda Lambert and Ingram, Randall Are Long-time Friends From Texas

The three singers and long-time friends are all from Texas. Lambert, at 37, is the youngest of the three. She grew up in Longview, in east Texas. Ingram, 50, was born in a Houston suburb. Randall, 52, is from Dallas.

Lambert is a country superstar. However, Ingram probably is best known in Texas. He lives in Austin and hosts a weekly TV show called The Texas Music Scene. His top song is “Wherever You Are,” which zoomed to No. 1 on the country charts in 2005. He’s had six other songs make the country top 40.

Randall is a former guitarist for Emmylou Harris. He also writes songs for other top artists.

Randall, Ingram Co-Wrote “Tin Man”

And if you’ve ever listened to Miranda Lambert sing “Tin Man,” you know Ingram and Randall. They co-wrote the hit, which won ACM song of the year in 2018.

Miranda Lambert said of her two friends:

“Jack is one of my heroes for along time. I’ve been following him around Texas since I was 15 years. Jon, I’ve known him for like 15 years. (The album) was just a bunch of Texas people writing songs together. That’s pretty magical in itself from the history of our friendship.

“Jack is just so talented. He’s had a long career. It’s funny. To have followed him around since I was 15 years old and watch his shows at Billy Bob’s and other bars in Texas. And now we actually have a record out together. Funny how that works out.”

Lambert conceded that all of “The Marfa Tapes” will be the rawest of music. That was the point.

“Some of (the songs) I thought wouldn’t have a life unless I put down something on a work tape,” Lambert said. “I was like why don’t we put out the work tapes. And that’s what we’re doing. It’s very raw. There’s no fixes, we took one microphone … and we went out there and kind of did one take on a hill in a pasture, watching the sunset and sang the songs.

“It’s something really different for me. It’s pretty scary, to be honest because it’s just one take, no fixes. Three friends singing songs together, just like we’d put them down with our phones. I don’t know, I felt like people wanted to hear it. That’s kind of how songs start and end, really, when you break it all down, before it goes on a record.”

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