Miranda Lambert Unveils Acoustic Version of ‘Settling Down’

by Clayton Edwards

Sometimes, the acoustic version of a country song is the best version. At times, the songs may not sound better, per se, however, they sound more real. When there’s nothing but a singer’s voice and an acoustic guitar, there’s nothing to get in the way of the song. Every note is deliberate. Every sound serves the song. At the same time, it feels more intimate. Even if the song is decades old and you’re listening to it on a streaming service, there’s still a kind of connection between the artist and the listener. These are things that you just can’t get with a studio version of a song. All of the extra instruments and production techniques can obscure the soul of the song and its singer. Miranda Lambert knows all about the magic of acoustic recordings.

In fact, Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall, and Jon Ingram got together in the small West Texas town of Marfa not long ago to record a whole acoustic album. The album will hit shelves early next month. From the few singles she’s released so far, it seems that The Marfa Tapes will be packed with intimate, bare-bones, acoustic tunes.

However, The Marfa Tapes aren’t Miranda Lambert’s only acoustic outings. Last night, the Grammy-winning country star released an acoustic version of her hit single “Settling Down.” Spoiler alert: it’s incredible. She shared a clip of the song on Twitter. But, you can find it anywhere you stream music.

Miranda Lambert’s New Acoustic Single

In the tweet, she says that since they’re in the mode of releasing stripped-back music for The Marfa Tapes, it seemed like a good time to drop this new acoustic single. The clip in the post is just a taste of what fans can expect from the full version of the song.

The video for the song really embodies the intimacy that comes from acoustic performances. It features Miranda Lambert in what looks like her living room, with a guitar and a couple of microphones. The video feels less like a performance and more like sitting around and listening to a friend play a song they’ve just written. That momentary connection is the true magic of cuts like this one.

So far, this is the fourth acoustic single that Miranda Lambert has released this year. The first three – “Tin Man,” “In His Arms,” and “Am I Right or Amarillo,” are all from the upcoming The Marfa Tapes. That album drops on May 7th. However, you can preorder a copy now from Lambert’s website right now.