Miranda Lambert Unveils Sneak Peek at New ‘Tequila Does’ Music Video

by Katie Maloney

Miranda Lambert just dropped some behind-the-scenes photos from her “Tequila Does” remix music video. And we are counting down the hours until the video premieres.

As all you Miranda Lambert fans know, Lambert dropped the country music song of the summer last month with her “Tequila Does” remix. The song has all the classic Miranda Lambert style but it’s mixed with a dance club beat. And now, fans get to feel the summer vibes even more with Miranda Lambert’s music video for the song, which debuts tomorrow. To get fans hyped for the video, Lambert shared a few behind-the-scenes photos. The photos feature Lambert dressed in a rhinestone bralette, tied-up denim shirt, and a fringe jean skirt. She’s wearing a bright pink cowboy hat and she’s surrounded by happy people wearing bright colored clothes. The group looks like they’re at a tiki bar or a pool party. Miranda Lambert is in the middle of the group as everyone dances around her. Yea, we’re definitely ready for this music video!

Along with the photos, Lambert wrote, “Tequila Does (@telemitry remix) music video premiere tomorrow at 6pm ET. Set a reminder to watch here.

What Was the Inspiration Behind Miranda Lambert’s ‘Tequila Does’ Remix?

The original version of “Tequila Does” is about the unconditional support tequila offers a broken heart. During the song, lambert sings, “I’d sure like to find a cowboy tonight. To get me back in the saddle. But the boys around here drink domestic beer. They’re all hat, no cattle. But I won’t sleep alone ’cause my old pal Patrón is taking me home tonight. They don’t love me like tequila does. Nobody can. They don’t give me that border town buzz, like tequila does.” Lambert co-wrote the song with her fellow Marfa Tapes collaborators, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall.

The song is slow and moving. So, what inspired Miranda Lambert to turn it into a party song? Well, it was actually her fans who really made the decision. Lambert revealed, during a recent interview, that she noticed how much fans danced and sang enthusiastically every time she played the song.

“I did a private show and I was just doing my regular country version of [“Tequila Does”] and everybody was dancing their asses off,” said Lambert. “I might have been under the influence of alcohol after the show…” Nevertheless, she decided to pitch the idea to her manager. luckily, her manager took it seriously and got in touch with DJ Telemitry. The two collaborated and came up with Lambert’s recent remix. “I love it,” said Lambert.

Well, we definitely love the song too. And we can’t wait for the music video’s debut tomorrow!