Miranda Lambert Updates Fans on Eventful Road Trip Home

by Charles Craighill

After an exciting three day vacation in Charleston South Carolina, Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin took a leisurely trip back home to Nashville. This rounds out the last leg of their road trip that included stops in Charleston and Asheville along the way. Now that they have made it safely home, Miranda Lambert can share some photos and recaps of their journey on Twitter.

Driving around in a silver bullet camper, the couple stopped at a few KOA campsites along the way. On the drive back, Lambert and McLoughlin decided to make camp in Greensboro, Georgia. While originally they planned only one night, once they got there they couldn’t bear to leave.

“Y’all we made it home to Nashville. A few days earlier than planned,” Miranda Lambert alerted fans on social media. “On the way back, we stopped in Greensboro, GA to have a few restful days at Lake Oconee. I actually picked that spot for a night because it mapped perfectly for our trip but when we got there I didn’t want to leave.”

Based on the snapshots in her posts, it totally makes sense why Miranda Lambert didn’t want to leave. They looked like they enjoyed a peaceful sunset over Lake Oconee in a spot not many people know about. That hidden treasure of a lake would suit anyone who has been locked up in quarantine for months. The fresh air and taste of the outdoors work numbers on the soul.

Miranda Lambert Takes It One Day at a Time

Miranda Lambert continued to share her praise for the serene beauty of Lake Oconee. “We stayed an extra day because it was so beautiful. (And we ran out of clothes & needed to do laundry). I had to work too, so why not have a view while you zoom? I have a feeling we will be back there in the summertime to enjoy the lake and the friendly people.”

“We were looking for a dinner spot and we saw that there was a @ritzcarlton about 10 minutes from the KOA,” Miranda Lambert continued. “We ate dinner and made some new friends from Orlando. (Yes we hung out at the ritz and slept in our trailer because GLAMP life is the good life). That lake is a secret I didn’t know about dang it!”

She has a very valid point. Why not enjoy a nice relaxing view while you have to go through the mundane new-normalcies of a zoom call? The GLAMP life sure is a good life when you can enjoy a Ritz Carlton for dinner then get WiFi from your remote and luxurious camper. Lambert may have made a mistake by sharing the secret of Lake Oconee, as there may be swarms of her fans joining her down there in the summer.

What’s a Road Trip Without a Little Stress?

Unfortunately for Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin, it wasn’t all peace and relaxation. On their final leg of the voyage, the couple ran into some trouble–literally– while driving through Atlanta. As anyone who has driven through Atlanta can tell you, traffic can get a little bit frustrating.

“Unfortunately on the way home going through Atlanta,” Miranda Lambert continued in her social media update. “An ass hole in a small car with temp plates was driving erratically and tried to squeeze between us and a semi-truck going 70 on I-20 W. It hit the airstream on the passenger side and sent us into the left lane. We fishtailed pretty good but got on the shoulder as quickly as possible to assess the damage.”

Driving in a large truck or trailer is scary enough as is. It certainly doesn’t help when drivers get impatient with Atlanta traffic. The couple made it out alive but might have lost a few hairs along the way. So much for a stress-free vacation.

According to Miranda Lambert, the couple has no plans of stopping their adventures any time soon. Even after the accident. “We are gonna be repaired and back to our vagabond ways soon,” she finished in her post. “Anyway, overall it was an amazing trip and we learned we have a lot to see and a lot to be grateful for.”