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Miranda Lambert Urges Fans to Check Out ‘Special Song’ She Sings with Collin Raye

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Miranda Lambert is urging her fans and followers to check out a very special duet she performed with Collin Raye. Lambert appears on the singer’s newest album “Scars.”

Lambert lent her vocals to the album’s title track, singing alongside Raye. The album is the first time Raye has released new music in almost a decade.

Including a sample of the song, Lambert wrote, “@collinraye has a new album out today, and I got to sing on this very special song with him. One of the writers on it is my good friend Scotty Wray. Y’all check it out.”

Miranda Lambert Felt Emotional Singing the Song

The song was also co-written by Scotty Wray. Wray and Lambert have been long-time collaborators and friends and have known each other since she was 17. The two even have matching wrist tattoos together. The country singer first performed a rough version of the song with Wray back in 2016.

Coming off a high profile divorce from Blake Shelton, Lambert felt emotional singing the song for the first time. Wray had continued working on the song after both he and Lambert bonded over their “really, really s–tty year in 2015.”

“This song is — Oh, God, I hope I’m not gonna cry when I sing it,” Lambert said according to Taste of Country. “Anyway, we used to just be the band, me and him, for a long, long time. And he wrote this song, like, 16 years ago, a year before I met him. And I have been in love with it for that long … Every time he sings it, I would cry, for the last 15 years.”

Reflecting on the album and the song, Raye said he’s grateful to work on the songs with his brother. The two co-wrote a couple of the album’s tracks together.

“Being that we started our musical journey together as teenagers, then in our 20s we began to go separate paths, this album is truly a ‘full circle’ moment in my life,” Raye reflects. “The timing for this is just right.”