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Miranda Lambert Wants To ‘Fulfill’ Her ‘Duties’ as ACM Entertainer of the Year at Las Vegas Residency

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

This year Miranda Lambert is looking to put on a show at her Las Vegas Residency. She wants to live up to her ACM Entertainer of the Year award. Lambert has a new album coming out and a lot of shows along the way. When September comes around, she’ll take the stage in Vegas.

For a country music singer, a Las Vegas residency is a big deal. That’s where you go to put on a theatrical show. Big, over-the-top performances with giant stages, impressive sets, and much more. Carrie Underwood rocked a Vegas stage last year and into this year as well. Now, it’s Lambert’s turn. And fresh off that EOTY award, too.

While talking to the Associated Press, Miranda Lambert revealed how she felt about her new album Palomino and her Las Vegas residency, Velvet Rodeo.

“[Velvet Rodeo] felt very Vegas. Velvet’s kinda feminine and soft. And rodeo is a rodeo,” the singer explained. “So, I think it’s something so different for me, but the name sets it up, right. And, it actually, those two words together really inspired me creatively for the look of everything. This year, winning it [ACM Entertainer of the Year] this year, so I can like, I guess fulfill my duties as Entertainer of the Year. I mean, I’m going to work my butt off this year, and that feels right.”

So, if you are planning on catching a Lambert show this year, you’re going to get a damn good performance. In fact, you might get one of the best performances you’ve ever seen. Entertainer of the Year is a huge deal. It sounds like she’s determined to live up to that award. It wouldn’t be a bad time to check out those tour dates if you ask me.

Miranda Lambert Releasing New Song to Celebrate Las Vegas Residency

If you’re a Miranda Lambert fan then this Las Vegas residency should excite you for a number of reasons. In just three days, when tickets for the Vegas shows go on sale, Lambert is set to release a new song. She teased a little bit of Actin’ Up last week on her Instagram. It’s a good time for Ran Fans.

The Las Vegas residency is just the next step in Lambert’s career. She has slowly progressed every year it seems and now is one of the biggest acts in all of country music. That EOTY award was sought after for a long time. She finally has it, and now she wants to make good on it.

If you were on the fence about seeing Miranda Lambert in person this year, then this should push you over on the right side. If you can go, go. Because it isn’t often you get to see an artist in the biggest year of their career.