Miranda Lambert’s Birth Saved Her Parents’ Marriage: Here’s How

by Halle Ames

Country music star Miranda Lambert’s mother, Beverly, reveals how her daughter’s birth saved her marriage. 

Miranda Lambert is the oldest of two children to Rick and Beverly “Bev” Lambert. She has one younger brother named Luke. 

Bev Lambert sat down with Dave Grohl in an interview for the new Paramount+ television program From Cradle To Stage. The series follows the relationship between celebrities and their mothers. 

Miranda Lambert’s mother met her father when she was just 15 years old. Bev joked that upon seeing Rick for the first time, “[He] had long hair, had a pink jacket on. I was like,’ Don Johnson done entered into my life — this is the best day ever!'” 

At the time, Rick worked as a guitarist and undercover cop. He notes, he was “a pretty wild guy.” 

After the two later wed, Bev admits they hit some pretty rocky patches. After four years, Miranda Lambert’s parents filed for divorce. The separation was to be finalized on Valentine’s Day in 1983. 

Bev was living in Dallas, and when Rick came to town for the divorce proceeding, she convinced him to stay at her place. Naturally, you can guess how that turned out. 

“About four months later, he got a phone call and had a change of heart.” 

Bev was carrying the soon-to-be country star. By November 1983, the two welcomed Miranda Lambert into the world. The two are still together to this day and even had another child after Miranda. It is unclear if he was also an accident or not. 

Rick describes Bev as a “hard-headed and demanding” “knockout” who is “a good mate.”

“So, that’s how Miranda saved my marriage,” admits Bev. “We would have probably never seen each other again.”

Miranda Lambert’s Marriages

Miranda Lambert has experienced a failed marriage first hand. From 2011 until their very public split in 2015, she was hitched to country singer Blake Shelton. Both Lambert and Shelton have managed to find love again. 

In January of 2019, 37-year-old Miranda Lambert and 29-year-old Brendan McLoughlin officially tied the knot. She credits their brief dating period for their close relationship. 

“We didn’t date very long before we got married,” Lambert told SiriusXM in February. “We sort of got to just really, really, really get to know each other. It was just us two with no distraction at my farm outside of Nashville. And so, I was really thankful for it.”

Look at that happy ending all around for Bev, Rick, Miranda, Blake, and Brendan! Wahoo! We love to see it!