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Miranda Lambert’s ‘Gunpowder & Lead’: Story Behind the Hit Song

by Keeli Parkey
(ABC via Getty Images)

Miranda Lambert’s hit song “Gunpowder & Lead” was created out of real world events.

In an interview with The Boot, Lambert says the inspiration for the song came from encounters she had with abused women and children.

“Some people are like, “Ugh! I can’t believe she’s singing that!” And it’s meant to be taken lighthearted in some aspects, but [this song is] also very real to me … ” Lambert said. “When I was younger, my parents took in abused women and their kids, so I saw firsthand what damage it can do to a family to be in an abusive relationship.”

In the song, Lambert portrays a woman in fear of an abusive spouse. But this time, however, she decides to defend herself. “Yeah, I’m goin’ home, gonna load my shotgun. Wait by the door, and light a cigarette. If he wants a fight, well, now he’s got one. And he ain’t seen me crazy yet…” Lambert sings. “… His fist is big, but my gun’s bigger. He’ll find out when I pull the trigger.”

Lambert co-wrote “Gunpowder & Lead” with Heather Little. Originally released in January 2008 on her album, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” the song soon became a hit. According to The Boot, the song premiered at No. 51 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. It eventually reached No. 7 in August 2008, went platinum in December 2010, and eventually went double platinum. It was Miranda Lambert’s first Top 10 hit.

Miranda Lambert Appears on Collin Raye’s New Album

Recently, the singer joined forces with Collin Raye for a song on his new album, “Scars.” On Friday, Lambert reached out to fans asking them to listen to a duet. Sharing some of the song, she posted, “@collinraye has a new album out today, and I got to sing on this very special song with him. One of the writers on it is my good friend Scotty Wray. Y’all check it out.”