Miranda Lambert’s Husband Showed Off Dancing Skills While Working as Police Officer: Video

by Emily Morgan

Before Miranda Lambert found her NYPD prince charming, he was busy putting his line dancing skills to the test when a casual bystander caught the police officer in the act.

Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, met when Lambert and her Pistol Annies members performed on “Good Morning America.” 

Soon after, the love birds tied the knot in a secret ceremony in February. Lambert announced the news on Valentine’s Day 2019 via her Instagram.

“My husband was doing security there for the show. My girlfriends, the Annies, saw him and knew I might be ready to hang out with someone,” Lambert once told the New York Times about her future husband. “They invited him to our show behind my back.”

Miranda Lambert’s Husband & His Wicked Moves

However, even before the wedding bells, McLoughlin rehearsed his dancing skills for the reception way back in 2015.

During the 2015 NYC Pride Parade, NYPD Officer Brendan McLoughlin showed off his dancing moves when he heard the “Cupid Shuffle” come on the speakers where he was patrolling.

Coincidentally, the “Cupid Shuffle” is a widely popular line dance, most commonly seen at weddings. 

During the unusual moment, bystanders quickly pulled out their phones to capture the officer’s sizzling line dancing moves. Soon after he started, people couldn’t help themselves from joining in on the fun. 

“Cops have fun too!” someone was caught saying in the video. 

We can only wonder if McLoughlin whipped out his line dancing moves when he began romancing Miranda Lambert.

“I wanna know who taught that boy to move like that!!!,” another user said. 

The 28-year-old ex-officer had been doing foot patrols around the GMA studio for years and clearly loved having fun with the public any chance he gets. 

However, several reports have stated that he’s no longer allowed to practice his line dancing for safety reasons since he’s a public figure now. 

Since getting married, the pair seem to be loving life. Per their social media, they often go on vacations, attend award shows, and of course, have the usual date night. 

Last year, Miranda Lambert and her husband even rescued a kitten and bought an Airstream for their road trip adventures.