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Miranda Lambert’s Husband’s Brothers Make Shirtless Appearances in Her New ‘Tequila Does’ Remix Music Video

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jackson Lee/GC Images

There’s some good news to share — Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin, has brothers.

Miranda Lambert has been married to McLoughlin since January 2019. The two had only been dating for two and a half months before tying the knot.

Since then, the two have made it their goal to entertain fans together. The two performed on stage together for a fun opening night of her downtown Nashville restaurant, Casa Rosa. Now, the former NYPD police officer and model is lending a helping hand to the “Tequila Does” video.

However, he brought along some backup for his music video spotlight. His two brothers, K.C. and Patrick, also appear shirtless and energetic in the new video. Brendan McLoughlin shared an image alongside his brothers during the filming process. The music video is directed by Reid Long.

He captioned the photo, “When your cowgirl ropes you in for another video you call in your brothers for backup.” It seems like there are some good genes running in the McLoughlin family.

The new video is a collab between Miranda Lambert and DJ Telemitry for a remix version of her popular song, which just demanded a new video to accompany it. The three brothers are first spotted at the 1:14 mark. The brothers appear on a fishing dock and are getting oiled up surrounded by beers. One brother even starts pouring beers on the others. It’s all a bit much, but it seems to match the overall vibes the video is going for.

Both brothers are more removed from the spotlight. K.C. McLoughlin has over 10,000 followers on Instagram. He tends to post photos of him in the gym or other athletic journeys.

Other Family in Miranda Lambert Video

McLoughlin’s brothers aren’t the only family to make a star-studded appearance. Miranda Lambert’s brother, Luke, also appears with his husband, Marc. “When Miranda played the remix for me and my husband Marc, we instantly loved it, so of course we jumped at the chance to bring our best friends to Nashville to be in the video. We had such a blast! By the end of the night, we forgot cameras were rolling. The tequila certainly helped!” Luke Lambert said in a press release, according to Advocate.

Miranda Lambert’s longtime friend and background singer, Gwen Sebastian, makes an appearance with her husband Louis.

The county duo Tigirlily, DJ Telemitry, and Krystal Steel are all present for the party. She invited her family and friends for the video, which was shot on her farm in her vintage trailer park.

“This is my first remix of any song in my whole career. I knew it was right up my brother Luke’s alley so I sent it to him to see what he and Marc thought. They loved it and that gave me the confidence to put it out there. It’s so much fun, I thought why not invite my family and friends out to my farm and shoot it at my vintage trailer park,” Miranda Lambert stated.