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Miranda Lambert’s ‘The Marfa Tapes’: Everything to Know About Marfa, the Small Town that Inspired The Record

by Jacklyn Krol
Photo by: Rick Diamond, Getty Images for George Strait via Getty Images

Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall, and Jack Ingram came together to record an album in Marfa, Texas.

The Marfa Tapes is set to debut on May 7, 2021, and feature a stripped-back approach to music. The entire album was recorded in the town of Marfa, Texas. So, what makes Marfa so special?

The town has a historic background and was founded in the early 1880s. It was first a town that served as a railroad water stop before becoming the Marfa Army Airfield. The base became a facility for training pilots during World War II. Marfa is roughly 200 miles from the nearest major airport and roughly 20 miles from the next town.

The town has a population of roughly 1,900 people. Travelers drive through the desert to get to Marfa and the stunning outdoors offers breathtaking views of the local scenery. Its located in West Texas and lies between Big Bend National Park and the Davis Mountains.

Marfa has quite a few different art installations that draw tourists. Artist Donald Judd purchased an Army base in the town to create minimalistic artwork. The Chinati Art Museum was later created to give other contemporary artists the chance to display their work.

One of the tourist staples of the town is the Prada, Marfa store. It’s a fake boutique based on the luxury designer. The little store sits in the middle of the desert and features fashion items in the two windows. The faux storefront was created by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset in 2005.

Photo by: Gadtan Rossier / Contributor via Getty Images

The town holds an annual music festival, Marfa Myths. The festival typically books up all of the local hotels and accommodations nearby.

What Miranda Lambert Had to Say About Marfa

Furthermore, Miranda Lambert can’t give enough high praises to her collaborators and Marfa itself. The reason she collaborated with the pair was because they share the same Texas roots.

“Jack Ingram and Jon Randall are both long-time Texas boy friends of mine,” Lambert told Sony Music Nashville. “I grew up watching Jack play the Honkey Tonks in Texas and following him around since I was 15 and I’ve known John for 20 years. We were on Sony together when we were both on radio tour so just have a long history of friendship and they are two of my favorite artists and writers, and so we sort of started this little trio of songwriting together and have been doing it for six years.”

Finally, Lambert has said what the town says, it is the perfect place to lose or to find yourself. Miranda Lambert did a little of both to create this piece of work. “Marfa is such a magical place. It just – the songs are in the air out there in the desert,” Lambert said. And I can’t really explain it but we try to do our best to bring people to Marfa through this music, and it’s one of those places where you just go to disappear and you know writing with two people that you can really be your total self with you know it’s – it feels good that we all get to go out there and just celebrate each other and celebrate creating music.”