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Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Helped Raise $260,000 for Animal Shelters Across the Country

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Miranda Lambert is giving back to our furry friends housed in animal shelters.

The country singer’s MuttNation Foundation was able to donate a total of $260,000 to animal shelters around the country.

Miranda Lambert got help from Tractor Supply Company, which happens to be the biggest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S. So, how were both organizations able to donate over $250,000? With the help of the Mutts Across America program, surprise $5,000 donations went to one shelter in each state as well as Washington, D.C. It was hard to pick, seeing as how many shelters are in need of a little extra support all across the country.

Lambert shared the news of MuttNation’s work on her Instagram account. She wrote, “Some of my biggest heroes are the staff & volunteers at animals shelters who work so hard to rescue animals. @MuttNation and @TractorSupply awarded a surprise $5,000 grant to a shelter in every state to support their incredible work. Thank y’all for what you do!”

The goal of MuttNation has always been to help out shelter pets. They are doing just that. The shelters that win the money do not apply or receive any notice that they’re getting the money. Instead, the team at MuttNation does a lot of research to determine who gets the money. If you’re curious which shelter got the money in your state, check out the list, here.

“With over 14,000 shelters and rescue groups in the US, and so many deserving of support, selecting just one in each state is always the biggest challenge,” said Bev Lambert, Miranda’s mother and co-founder of MuttNation, said, according to a recent press release. She helped create the foundation eight years ago.

More on MuttNation’s Assistance Programs

This isn’t the first time MuttNation has provided amazing funds to shelters. In total, the organization has helped over 400 shelters with the help of over $1.5 million in grants.

“The Mutts Across America grants can have a tremendous impact on the facilities that support these abandoned and neglected animals. We are honored to partner with MuttNation in this initiative to help these shelters perform this difficult but important work,” said Seth Estep, Tractor Supply’s EVP and Chief Merchandising Officer.

MuttNation and Tractor Supply are close allies. The retailer is also the only place that sells the MuttNation brand pet products.

As for MuttNation, the foundation has been doing a lot more for pets than just this program. The goal of the nonprofit is to educate the public about shelter pets, promote adoption, and advance spay and neuter procedures. Not to mention, the foundation also helps relocate animals that are being threatened with euthanasia or are in an area impacted by a natural disaster.