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Miranda Lambert’s New Cowgirl Pic Has Us Pumped for New Single ‘If I Was a Cowboy’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

While we love hearing what the Pistol Annies have been up to (a Christmas album!), we want to give it up for the Lone Star Annie making her own moves on the side. Last month marked a pretty big month for country star Miranda Lambert. She celebrated the 18th anniversary of her very first record deal on top of a Song of the Year Award from the Nashville Songwriters International Awards.

Around this time, she also announced she will be co-headlining the 2022 Country to Country Festival with Luke Bryan. Basically, Miranda Lambert is killing it and fans have a lot to look forward to. A recent tweet also gives us a first look at her new single “If I Was a Cowboy” with Lambert in her full cowgirl get-up.

Details on that are below.

Miranda Lambert Says Anyone Can Be a Cowboy

We are just two days away from the official “If I Was a Cowboy” single release, although the pre-order is open to fans now. Miranda Lambert poses a question on her Twitter page: “So mamas if your daughters grow up to be cowboys, so what?”

She attaches a moody black and white photo to the tweet to encapsulate the tone of the song. It shows her decked out in denim and a cactus-decorated hat alongside a beautiful horse with braided hair. There’s no telling what Miranda Lambert is thoughtfully gazing at in the distance, but we’re betting it’s another Grammy or Top 100 Billboard spot…

Check it out here:

This comes after she released a short teaser trailer previewing the song just days earlier. You can catch that teaser and read more about it here. The video features her in a John Wayne t-shirt and that’s all you need to know to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

Smell the Roses

Have you ever wanted to smell like Miranda Lambert? Well uh… now you can. The country star stepped away from her music for a bit to explore the fragrance business. The result? The “Idyllwind Parfum.” She opens her video of the product explaining that music often connects us on a spiritual level, but scents can do the same thing. She then goes into the inspiration behind her chosen scent.

Lambert opted for Georgia sweet peach, southern magnolias, and musky golden sandalwood to remind her of the woods of east Texas. The video also stays true to her country roots as she leads a horse through a glowing field. Check it out below: