Morgan Wade Announces Debut Album ‘Reckless’ March Release Date, New Single Out Now

by Madison Miller

Singer-songwriter and fierce country-rocker, Morgan Wade, has just announced the upcoming arrival of her debut album.

According to an Essential Broadcast Media press release, her album, “Reckless,” is set to release on March 19. The artist worked alongside producer Sadler Vaden, who is also the long-time guitarist for Jason Isbell. Also joining in on the album will be Paul Ebersold as the engineer. The three took some of her songs she’s had written for years and combined them with brand new collaborative tracks.

One of these newer tracks is “Wilder Days,” which can be streamed today. The song is an excellent sneak peek of the kind of sound that will be in a full studio-album form in just a couple of months.

“I feel like the last couple of years have been me trying to figure out where I fit in, who I fit in with, and what’s going on. When I wrote these songs, I was going through a lot, just trying to figure out who I am … A lot of the songs are about figuring out what the hell I’m doing. This is different than anything I’ve ever done before. It’s opened up a bunch of different lanes––and I’m proud of it. Maybe record number two will be a little bit more about knowing who I am,” Morgan Wade said.

Wade has created a sound all of her own. It is a synchronous mix of pop, rock, old-school bluegrass, and country influences. Altogether it’ll make for a pretty “Reckless” and fun album.

‘Wilder Days’ Release

Her song “Wilder Days” came out today (Jan. 22.) Wade revealed that this song they all worked on for the album is the perfect single to release first. It came together perfectly.

“It honestly just came together perfectly in the studio. Sadler and I had the same visions for how ‘Wilder Days’ should sound. We even went for ice cream after – we were that pleased,” Wade said.

The song, like many, is about love. However, Wade tackles the tricky situation where it’s just the right person, but wrong time.

She explained that “Wilder Days” is about “falling in love with someone at the wrong time. Two people being at two different stages in life and just wishing they were on the same page. It’s about knowing if they could go back in time, they would work.”

“I wish I had known you in your wilder days / And now here we go / You got me falling in love again / You gotta secret, I wanna keep it / I wish I’d known you in your wilder days.”

This single came out shortly after her release of “Don’t Cry” in December 2020. She has been performing for seven years since she was 19. Now, she is 26 and starting to make a very apparent impact in country music.

Other songs that will release in her 10-hit album will be “Other Side,” “Matches and Metaphors,” “Mend,” and “Met You.”

Morgan Wade Talks Getting Sober

In an interview with The Ties That Bind Us, Wade opened up about her journey in life so far.

She talked about how her dependence on alcohol and the battle to get sober has impacted her career as a performer and songwriter.

“It was like this mental hangover … I was like, ‘What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?’ … I really started thinking, ‘What do you do besides drink? What do you do?’ And I literally could not shake that feeling for weeks. I thought I would take a month and not drink, because to me, I thought, I’m too young! If I tell people I’ve got a problem, they’re gonna laugh at me and say, ‘You’re in your 20s! That’s what you do!’” Morgan Wade said.

In 2019, she celebrated two years sober. That’s when she started working on her full-length album set to come out in March. She wanted it to be a “sober album.”

“It seems like every little thing that has happened has been a little chain reaction from me quitting drinking. When I did that, I got healthier, and I started doing healthier things. You have to be in the moment for this to work, and by not drinking, I’m there. I build these connections and talk to people. It forces me to be more organized and real,” Wade said.