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Morgan Wallen Breaks Down Lyrics Behind Hit Song “7 Summers”

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/ACMA2020 / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Morgan Wallen breaks down the meaning behind his new hit song’s lyrics, “7 Summers”.

Country music star Morgan Wallen released the song “7 Summers” in mid-August, and it was an instant hit. In a six-minute video on Youtube, the singer breaks down the lyrics and what they mean to him.

He starts by saying that his mother had first signed him up for “The Voice” seven summers ago.

“So, however many summers you want to look back in my life, each one has kind of brought something to my life that has made an impact,” said Wallen in the interview. “So maybe there’s more to the “7 Summers” thing than I even realized when it comes to my life as far as what my future was going to bring.”

He wrote the song with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally on the trio’s first time collaborating. They started spitballing ideas and got on the topic of young love. Wallen quickly notes that it doesn’t have to be love from seven years ago but a doomed love from the past.

Wallen Breaks Down the Lyrics

In the first line of the song, Wallen sings, “Yeah, you used to talk about, gettin’ even further south. Somewhere where the summer lasted all year’ round.”

He explains that this part of the song reminds him of a past girlfriend who wanted to move back to her home state of Florida. “I don’t wanna move to Florida, but I wasn’t gonna be the one to stop her. So yeah, that’s kinda how it started,” he says.

The next line in the hit song goes, “Probably got a big ol’ diamond on your hand right now. Maybe a baby or a couple by now. Long driveway to a big white house.”

Wallen reflects on his hometown for this line. Although he says it isn’t a jab at them, it’s the culture of getting married at a young age in small towns where he is from, being Sneedville, Tennessee. “A lot of girls I went to high school with, or college with – I didn’t go to college – but a lot of those that went to college, they’re married by the time they’re 22, 23, 24 years old. They have those things.”

As for the iconic chorus, which reads, “But I wonder when you’re drinkin’. If you find yourself thinkin’. About that boy from East Tennessee,” Wallen loves the mention of his home.

He beams as he reminisces about home and the beautiful landscape and wonderful, generous people that live there. Wallen continues with, “And I know we both knew better. But we still said forever. And that was seven summers ago. In southern comfort. Were we dumb or just younger? Who knows.”

However, his parents are high school sweethearts that are still happily married; Wallen says that he and this girl are traveling down different paths, but were having fun and not thinking past that moment.

“Back then you used to love the river. And sippin’ on a sixer with me. Does it ever make you sad to know? That was seven summers ago?” the chorus continues. “It’s bittersweet to think about all those kinda good times because you know you’re not gonna get them back. Especially not with that person,” the singer says.

Wallen sings the next verse of the song, “Yeah, I bet your daddy’s so proud. Of how his little girl turned out. Thinks she dodged a bullet. Of a good old boy like me.”

He admits to having a previous girlfriend that was a higher economic class than himself, and he felt looked down upon by him. “Money is not everything,” Wallen says. “It’s more about what truly makes you happy as a person, even if that’s having five acres and a double-wide on your property, then I think that’s amazing.”

The final verse country star talks about says, “Cause I still go drinkin’, same friends on Friday. Bought a few acres, couple roads off the highway. Guess you never saw things my way, anyway.”

Wallen gets nostalgic as he remembers good times with friends, but knows it was a dream that would never pan out.