Morgan Wallen Crushes Piano Performance of ‘Sand in My Boots’ in Nashville: VIDEO

by Lauren Boisvert

Morgan Wallen has been on his Dangerous Tour since February, and he’s still bringing houses down with his music all over the country. Recently, he made a stop in Nashville, where he played at the Bridgestone Arena. Fans came out in droves to support him; it was a packed house.

There were even some surprises, like Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn fame joining Wallen on stage to sing “Neon Moon” together. The crowd went wild, and even took a verse of their own, singing the chorus in unison as Dunn and Wallen urged them on from the stage.

But what really took the night was Morgan Wallen’s piano rendition of “Sand in My Boots,” a lonely-hearted love song from “Dangerous: The Double Album.” His performance opened with Wallen and the piano rising from the stage in a cloud of fog, and Wallen took a moment to greet his fans before he began.

The crowd knew every word and sang along as he played. Morgan Wallen proved he’s truly multitalented as he played a solemn piano, breaking our hearts once again with “Sand in My Boots.” The song paints a picture of a lonely man driving back home after a woman decided not to go back with him.

It’s like this: he’s at the beach on vacation or just visiting, and he meets a girl there. He spends all his time with her, and when it’s time to go back home, he asks her to come with him, but she declines. Then, he spends the drive home thinking about her, wishing she was in the seat next to him. All he has to remember her by is some sand in his boots. Heartbreaking, and Wallen wrote it so well, too.

How Many Nights is Morgan Wallen Performing in Nashville?

On the 16th, Morgan Wallen had his first Nashville show. How many nights is he staying in town? According to his tour schedule, he’ll be in Nashville performing at the Bridgestone Arena on the 17th and 18th as well before moving on.

Nashville is a special city for Wallen, he told Fox 17 out of Nashville. “I got a lot of people I care about here, a lot of people who believed in me for a long time are in the building tonight,” he said. “This is really special to me.”

Last year, Morgan Wallen’s new album helped boost country music listeners; 68 percent of country music fans listen to their music on the radio, which primarily plays newer hits. So, with his extensive new double album to choose from, radio stations played a lot of Morgan Wallen.

Streaming was also up, as listeners turn to services like Spotify to reach older music not usually in circulation on the radio. Overall, it’s a good time for country music, and country music fans.