Morgan Wallen’s ‘Dangerous’ Is 2021’s Best-Selling Album

by Courtney Blackann
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT)

It doesn’t surprise us to see that Morgan Wallen’s latest album is the top record of the year. “Dangerous: The Double Album” is a hit through and through. In fact, it may be the country singer’s best work yet. And if you’re a fan of country music, you already know that the singer pours his heart and soul into each hit.

According to Fox News, Wallen’s album sold more than 3 million copies, which surpassed newcomer Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” album. He also joined the ranks of Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus and Taylor Swift as a country music artist who spends more than 10 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

“Dangerous” was released by Wallen in January 2021 to major success. The record has 15 songs on each installment of the album. The record contains hits such as “Sand in My Boots,” “Wasted on You,” “Still Going Down,” and “865.”

Each tune isn’t necessarily written by Morgan Wallen, but he sings with an intensity that’s emotional and genuine. “Cover Me Up” is especially great – with the quality vocals standing out against the subtly of the instrumentals.

Additionally, Wallen also announced a 2022 nationwide tour beginning Feb. 3. His website announced the tour as tickets went on sale and quickly sold out for several dates.

“Proving to be a red-hot ticket, Wallen recently SOLD OUT a three-night appearance at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY, which tied a record with Garth Brooks. Over 36K tickets were sold in less than 90 minutes for the December 3, 4, and 5 dates. He followed it up with another landmark performance at The Grounds in Mobile, AL, this past Friday (11/12), hosting a staggering 31K,” the website offers.

Marty Smith Reviews Morgan Wallen’s ‘Dangerous’ Album

Further, Outsider’s own Marty Smith reviewed “Dangerous: The Double Album” and had this to say about it:

Dangerous draws a distinct line in Morgan’s evolution: More to say. More depth. More vulnerability. In Eric Church’s career, there is a distinct line of demarcation — before-Chief and after-Chief. That instant leap into a new stratosphere, and the fame and the responsibility that accompanies it. That jump from another guy to one of The Guys. I think for Morgan, Dangerous is his demarcation line. There will be before-Dangerous and after-Dangerous.”

And when Wallen was creating the album, he says he didn’t know what it would become. He also didn’t know he’d be creating a double album and releasing it altogether.

“We didn’t originally have any goals of doing a double album,” Wallen said. “But whenever the quarantine happened, we just felt like people really need music right now more than ever. And we said why not. The writing, the recording, the production of it all was really my way of escaping everything going on in the world.”