Morgan Wallen ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’: Ranking the Top 5 Songs

by Katie Maloney

Country star, Morgan Wallen released his latest album, Dangerous and we’ve got a list of the top five songs from the album you need to listen to right now.

Fans were delighted to mark the beginning of 2021 with new music from their favorite artist. However, Wallen says that waiting to release the album until the new year was strategic.

“I didn’t want anything else of mine associated with the year 2020,” Wallen says. “So we decided to wait until now to do it.”

Regardless of when it was released, we’re happy that we now have more music from the soon-to-be country superstar. To celebrate the drop of his latest double album, we’re compiling a list of the top five songs from the record.

Top Five Songs From Dangerous

Ranking Wallen’s songs would be as difficult as trying to pin him to just one musical style. So, in no particular order, here is our list of must-listen songs from Dangerous.


The first few lines of this song are actually about Wallen’s run-in with the police last year after smashing a shot glass in a Nashville bar. The title-track is about the trouble he gets into when he starts to “drink about” a woman. Wallen sings, “So, I don’t want to go downtown, doin’ what we used to. Twist the top off another round, hell I got enough loose screws. I’m getting’ tired of hurtin’ about ya. Nothin’ ever changes. I think I’m gonna stay right here tonight. Cause that could be dangerous.”

Morgan Wallen’s “Dangerous”

Somebody’s Problem

Everyone loves a bad-boy with a soft side. Wallen delivers just that in “Somebody’s Problem.” During the song, he sings about seeing a woman he knows he’s about to pursue and fall in love with. Wallen sings, “Somebody’s reason for leaving on the porch light. Thinking about them tan lines and I’m thinking, damn, I’d love to drown in them heartbreaker blue eyes. She’s somebody’s problem and somebody’s problem is about to be mine.”

Morgan Wallen’s “Somebody’s Problem”

Wasted On You

Every country album needs a tragic love song. That’s why we’ve added “Wasted On You” to the list. During the song, Wallen offers a clever play on words with an ode to both alcohol and past relationships. He sings about all the time he’s wasted on an ex as well as all the time he’s spent “wasted” because of her.

Morgan Wallen’s “Wasted On You”

Are You Noticing Any Themes In These Songs?

We pause our list to ask if you’ve picked up on the two themes that seem to reoccur throughout the album? If you guessed alcohol and love then you guessed right! The alcohol varies from beer to whiskey to wine and back. The relationships’ timelines move from the beginning stages to deeply committed to moving through a breakup. Nevertheless, almost every song on the album is about some type of love, alcohol, or a combination of both. With that, we continue our list.

Me On Whiskey

When you’ve dated for a while, you start to learn about the shenanigans you can get into with your partner when you drink together. Wallen sings about what happens to him and his girlfriend when she drinks wine and he drinks whiskey. Wallen sings, “Me on whiskey, and you on wine. Getting Tennessee tipsy in the neon light. Yeah, it’s what we do, girl, it’s kind of our thing. A little jukebox dance and then a smoky dream. We’re as easy as you got your drink I got mine. But we got the same thing on our mind.”

Morgan Wallen’s “Me On Whiskey”

Quittin’ Time

Sometimes, knowing when to leave a relationship can feel so much more difficult than it seems. Wallen has a tried and true strategy for dealing with that situation. Co-written by country superstar, Eric Church, “Quittin’ Time,” is about knowing when it’s time to leave a lover by observing the tears they aren’t crying. Wallen sings,”…And time to sing or time to find if rhyme has a reason. Time to pack it in and stay down. Pack it up and walk away now. And give it one more day or call it a season. I can tell by the tears not in your eyes, it’s quittin’ time.”

Morgan Wallen’s Double Albums Reflects Different Sides of His Personality

Okay, that sounds way more ominous than it actually is. However, during an interview, Wallen says that the album shows off the two sides of his personality. The first half consists of songs that represent his “more personal, introspective” side. The second half of the album shows off his “more rowdy, redneck” side.

“We purposely put the two sides apart,” he says. “I didn’t have that plan when we were writing the album. Putting the songs together, it, fortunately, ended up to be a good split,” says Wallen.