Morgan Wallen Debuts Emotional ‘Sand in My Boots’ Music Video from New ‘Dangerous’ Album

by Atlanta Northcutt

Morgan Wallen displays a deeper and more vulnerable side of himself during his new music video. Watch the emotional debut of “Sand in my Boots.”

Wallen was armed with only a piano and his voice. However, the simplicity brought out a raw and more tender side of the young artist.

Wallen tweeted a link to the video of “Sand In My Boots” Thursday night. Anticipation grew over Friday’s debut of his long-awaited sophomore album, Dangerous: The Double Album.

A Softer, More Emotional Side to Morgan Wallen

During a YouTube Original Series entitled RELEASED featuring Morgan Wallenthe musician performed “Sand In My Boots.”

Using an acoustic piano and only his voice, he graced the ears’ of listeners. He then discussed the lyrics to the song and talk about the new album before its release on Friday.

“But, now I’m dodging potholes in my sunburnt Silverado / Like a heart-broke Desperado, heading right back to my roots / Something ’bout the way she kissed me tеlls me she loves Eastеrn Tennessee / Yeah, but all I brought back with me was some sand in my boots.”

– “Sand In My Shoes” by Morgan Wallen

‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ of Massive Proportions

Dangerous is a massive musical undertaking comprised of not only 30 songs but two extra Target-exclusive bonus tracks.

“The ‘double album’ idea started off as just a joke between me and my manager,”  Wallen said in a statement. “We had accumulated so many songs over the past couple of years. Then quarantine hit, and we realized it might actually be possible to have enough time to make it happen. I also ended up writing quite a few more songs during the quarantine with some of my good buddies.”

“I wanted the songs to speak to multiple phases of life. Have multiple different sounds based on my influences and based on what I enjoy,” he added.

The musician’s full-length record Dangerous: The Double Album was released Friday, Jan. 8. If this is a preview of what to expect from the album, let’s go ahead and declare 2021 as Morgan Wallen’s year.