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Morgan Wallen Details Hilarious Story About His First Kiss

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Morgan Wallen is full of interesting tidbits of information. This time the “More Than My Hometown” singer is sharing details of his first kiss. And it might (or might not) surprise you.

In this video from Theo Von Clips, Morgan Wallen is joined by Hardy and Ernest. These two are songwriters one some of Wallen’s songs, plus they’ve ventured out on their own to start solo careers.

They’re discussing their first kisses. Wallen says something about “babysitter.” The four of these men are talking on top of each other, but when Wallen gets a chance to speak, he says, “I don’t remember how old I was. She was probably like 12. I was probably like seven.”

The podcast host, Theo Von, ask Wallen what her name was. He replies, “I don’t remember.” Ernest and Hardy chime in and say that is’s messed up that Wallen can’t remember his first kiss’s name.

“I mean, I don’t know if I was making out with her, but I kissed her,” he defends himself during the verbal harassing. The men continue to poke fun at him, saying he was drunk, and asking if Wallen “put the moves on her.”

Wallen fires back, “I was seven! That was 20 years ago!”

Hardy and Ernest Join Morgan Wallen in Talking About First Kiss

The first kiss topic starts a whole conversation between the three men on the couch with the podcast host. Hardy tells everyone that he can’t remember his first kiss’s name, much like Wallen. He goes on about how he thinks her name was LeeEllen.

“I always just saw it as LeeEllen. Now that I think about it, like Ellen is apart of LeeEllen and Ellen is definitely an older lady’s name,” Hardy says. “We were probably like 13 or 14.”

Enrest chimes in, “I went to the Church of Christ where we started about 7 or 8.”

The four of the men continues to laugh and tease each other about their first kisses.

Morgan Wallen Finds Success with Sophomore Album

The 27-year-old started 2021 with a bang. Morgan Wallen dropped his double album Dangerous that features 30 songs. Ever since it’s release, the jam-packed record has been making waves in country music.

The Dangerous: Double Album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Additionally, just three days after the album was released, it broke the country music streaming record. Rolling Stone reports that Wallen’s double album got the most single-week on-demand audio streams in history for a country album. What’s more, it also shattered Spotify’s all-time record for first-day streaming. Then, in just two days, it took over the Apple Music record for the biggest single week for a country album.

Now Wallen’s Dangerous album is charting on Billboard’s all-genre list. The country sensation also lands 19 songs on the Billboard Global 200. It’s the most that any artist has charted in a single week in the organization’s history.