Morgan Wallen Discusses Enhanced Experience of New Album ‘Dangerous’ on Spotify

by Jennifer Shea

Rising country star Morgan Wallen is about to release his second studio album, “Dangerous: The Double Album.” And along with it, he is offering an enhanced experience on Spotify that takes audiences behind the scenes of his songwriting process.

Morgan Wallen Releases Enhanced Experience

The enhanced album will feature a personal tailgate from a truck in Wallen’s garage, Wallen told People in a recent interview. From there, he’ll detail the ideas and stories involved in the creation of his double album. 

“Spotify has supported me and my music since day one, so I knew I wanted to partner with them and do something extra special around this new project for my fans,” Wallen said. “Creating this enhanced album was the perfect way to take y’all behind the scenes and share what Dangerous means to me. Thank you to Spotify for making this happen — hope y’all love it!”

There’s a trailer for the Spotify experience, called “Morgan Wallen Presents Dangerous, the Enhanced Album,” which Wallen shared with People. In it, Wallen talks about his decision to wait and release his album in 2021.

“I didn’t want anything else of mine associated with the year 2020,” Wallen said in the trailer. “So we decided to wait until now to do it.”

Still, Wallen conceded that 2020 has been “the most beneficial year” for his career so far. “It’s brought a lot of good things,” among them the birth of his son, he said.

Two Sides to Wallen’s Personality

Wallen went on to explain that the double album is designed to showcase the different facets of his personality. The first disc highlights his “more personal, introspective” tendencies and the second disc shows off his “more rowdy redneck” side.

“We purposely put the two sides apart,” Wallen said. “I didn’t have that plan when we were writing the album. Putting the songs together, it fortunately ended up to be a good split.”

As if releasing a record during a pandemic weren’t stressful enough, Wallen recently had to deal with the fallout of some of his songs leaking at Walmart stores.  

“Hey y’all, um, it’s been brought to my attention that some of my music, well my album, has leaked at some Walmarts around the country,” Wallen said in an Instagram post. “I don’t know how that’s possible but it has.”

In response to the leaks, Wallen decided to leak some of his own music himself. Further, he told fans to watch out for them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And the entire album is still scheduled to be released tomorrow.