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Morgan Wallen Dishes on Being Signed to Big Loud Records: ‘It Just Felt Right’

by Suzanne Halliburton
ABC via Getty Images

Morgan Wallen embraces Big Loud Records. And it goes both ways.

The rising country star, 27, and the newish record division are intertwined as they mature together.

Wallen told Billboard in an interview published this week that he liked the idea of Big Loud Records being really young in comparison to other companies.

“Even though they’d only signed one other artist and didn’t have an established track record, it just felt right,” Wallen said. “I loved the family feeling there and that the label did things their own way.”

Big Loud Records is an offshoot of Big Loud, the entertainment group that was created in 2011. The record division started in 2015.

Morgan Wallen Setting Huge On Demand Records

Currently, Big Loud Records is teaming up with Republic Records to boost Wallen’s music beyond the United States. Morgan Wallen is the perfect country candidate to expand the market. His Dangerous: The Double Album is setting records for on-demand audio streams. With more than 100 million, the album received the most streams in one week than any other in country music history. And there still are more days left in the week.

It was the same situation on Apple Music. Morgan Wallen broke the weekly streaming record. It took him only two days to do it. He broke the first-day record on Spotify. Previously, Luke Combs with What You See is What You Get owned the standard. And Amazon Music’s one-day record for country streaming also went Wallen’s way.

Before the release of the 30-track Dangerous, Wallen’s career on-demand audio streams numbered more than 3.2 billion. Four of Wallen’s first six singles topped the country airplay charts. “Whiskey Glasses” ended 2019 as the most played country song. Then “Chasin You” ended 2020 at the top.

Big Loud Records Are Starting Big Push To Expand Singer’s Fan Base Beyond U.S.

It’s why Big Loud Records is pushing with Republic Records for expansion. Analytics suggest there are more markets to reach.

“The internet does not stop at the Atlantic Ocean,” Republic CEO Monte Lipman told Billboard. “The world is becoming a smaller place. It’s not just, ‘Here’s a country crossover record.’ It’s, ‘Here’s a global superstar who happens to have music that’s resonating in the country marketplace.’ ” 

Morgan Wallen added: “I feel like we really have a position to usher country music into a streaming era. All these people are probably like, ‘Who the hell is Morgan Wallen?’ But it’s cool to get to be at the forefront of country music to say, ‘Hey, our fans are here too, now — just so you know.’ ”

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