Morgan Wallen Says Eric Church Has Always Been His ‘Country Music Hero’

by Jonathan Howard

Morgan Wallen has been doing a lot since his controversies led him to be almost blackballed. Eric Church is part of that as much as anyone.

Since then, he has kept his head low and made sure to put out positive stories. He raised a bunch of money for Tennessee flood victims, has been playing shows again, and there is a big country star that has helped him along the way.

The Chief is a massive star. He can sell out any stadium in the country on a day’s notice. And, he is one of Morgan Wallen’s biggest advocates. For the young country singer, Church has been his “country music hero” for a long time. Wallen spoke with Country Countdown USA about his relationship with Church.

“I don’t [know] exactly when it was we started hanging out, we went on a golf trip together and ended up fishing. But we started hanging out then,” the singer said. “We just became buddies. I guess we kind of have a similar attitude or whatever it is.”

“I know he doesn’t publicly come out and have a lot of buddies,” the singer explained further. “But he’s always been my country music hero… he’s one of the main reasons that I sing country music.”

It isn’t all talk, either. Morgan Wallen is on the record as saying that Church is the best to ever do it. And, now at 27-years-old, Wallen has been able to share a stage with him on a number of occasions and it has been a mutually beneficial relationship. It is never bad for your songwriting to hang out with a prolific writer like Church.

Morgan Wallen Says That Eric Church Inspired His Songwriting

FOr a young artist, it isn’t always easy to find your own voice. Eric Church defines what it means to be your own person on stage and off. Morgan Wallen learned that before the two ever knew each other personally. Back when Wallen was just a fan in the crowd.

“When I first started getting heavily into country music, it was his songwriting and the way he painted the pictures that made me want to do the same,” Wallen explained.

“It’s unreal to me to think about that 20-year-old kid being so in tune with what he was doing [at a show in Knoxville], so fired up,” the singer continued. “It’s pretty crazy to think seven years later I’m up there on that same stage with him, and getting to share in those moments with him. … So I think he knows, I hope he knows how much that meant to me.”

The two have only gotten close with one another over the years. And that will likely continue. Morgan Wallen is doing what he can to remake his image and he has been supported by one of the biggest names in the game. Can’t ask for more than that.