Morgan Wallen Goes Deep on 2020’s Ups and Downs in Latest Message

by Josh Lanier

Morgan Wallen shared some of the high points and some of the low moments from 2020 in an Instagram post on New Year’s Day. The 7 Summers singer said it was a turbulent year, but is hopeful for the future.

“I woke up in a reflective spirit today, as I’m sure a lot of y’all did,” he posted. “Instead of lingering on the many negative things that plagued us all, I decided to go the other direction. Most of the negative things for me were public knowledge anyways.”

Some of those highs were also very public. Wallen won the Best New Artist Award at the CMAs in November. He had three No. 1 country hits. And he announced the release of his three-years-in-the-making double album Dangerous. That album releases next week.

But there was a bigger moment for him in 2020, he said — one that dwarfed all of his accomplishments. The birth of his son.

“My son was born and it was/is the most incredible, scary, beautiful thing of my life,” the 27-year-old wrote. “He is healthy, happy, hell he’s even funny already. I know I’m always gonna be a little wild and crazy, but I pray that he knows my heart and that I show him a fraction of the love of Jesus my dad and mama have shown me.”

There Were Low Points for Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen did find himself on the wrong side of the news this year, as well. Most notably when cameras caught him partying without a mask at the University of Alabama after a football game. TikTok videos showed him kissing girls and sharing drinks during a pandemic.

The outrage caused Saturday Night Live to postpone his appearance in October. Though they did get some good jokes out of the incident once he appeared on the show.

Though Wallen said he wasn’t going to dwell on the negative.

“All in all, I’m far too blessed to complain, wouldn’t do no good anyway. I’m trying to learn every day, and my soul feels content,” he wrote in his Instagram post. “I don’t know what else I could ask for. Except a farm, and I’m working on that.”