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Morgan Wallen Is Feeling Like He’s at ‘World Series’ on Tour

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Following his three-night run at the Bridgestone Arena during his Dangerous tour earlier this month, Morgan Wallen revealed what it felt like to perform on stage in the venue. 

Sounds Like Nashville reports that while on the stage of the arena, Morgan Wallen opened up about how he started singing after his mom put him on stage when he was 3-years-old. “I’ve been singing ever since. For me, it was always music and baseball. Those were the only things I did. I always imagined myself on The World Series. Bases loaded. I never really thought I’d be in Bridgestone Arena singing music, that’s for sure. But it feels like the World Series up here for me tonight.”

Morgan Wallen further revealed that while he always thought he could sing, he wasn’t quite sure if he could write songs. He didn’t start writing until he was 19-years-old. The singer moved to Nashville and wrote Chasin’ You. “This is the first song I wrote where when we got done, I thought, ‘That is a good song.’ This song means a lot to me because it gave me a lot of hope. It gave me a lot of faith.”

Lil Durk Talks Collaborating With Morgan Wallen For ‘Broadway Girls’ 

While chatting with Complex this month, Lil Durk spoke about teaming up with Morgan Wallen for Broadway Girls. “The thing behind that was, last year I had dropped my album, it was called The Voice. In my eyes, I’m like, ‘Ain’t nobody else dropping, we’re going number one. Then they called, like, ‘You’re No. 2.’ So I’m like, ‘Who’s No. 1?’ [Wallen] dropped the same day I dropped. And he was No. 1 for ten weeks.”

As he chatted about working with Morgan Wallen, Lil Durk revealed, “I dm’ed him. Like, ‘Man, we gotta do something.’ We was chopping it up and he was telling me, like, “We got the little situation going on, [so] when it’s the right time.”

The situation was Morgan Wallen’s controversial situation in 2021. Lil Durk stated he got “genuine love” from Wallen. He also insisted that the country singer and songwriter is not a racist. Wallen just made mistake. When asked if he was worried about working with Wallen, Lil Durk responded, “I don’t know. I just be feeling like I’m different. If I felt he was a racist, I wouldn’t have did it anyway.”

Lil Durk previously spoke to TMZ about working with Morgan Wallen for Broadway Girls. When asked whether he considers Wallen a racist after last year’s controversy, he replied, “Nah, he ain’t no racist. That’s my boy.”

Lil Durk further explained that he and Morgan Wallen had a “long talk” about the situation. He said he had no problem working with Wallen, who he said is not canceled. “He ain’t canceled. I talked to him. When I say you ain’t canceled, you ain’t canceled.”