Morgan Wallen Launches Charitable Foundation to Help Children, Teens

by Clayton Edwards

Morgan Wallen is slowly coming back into the public eye. Except for a couple of videos and social media posts, Wallen has been silent since mid-February. However, he is taking steps to return after a few months of exile. That road started on Friday. Wallen appeared on Good Morning America to talk to Michael Strahan about the controversy that pushed him out of the spotlight.

Then, Morgan Wallen dropped a snippet of a new song earlier today. The response from his fans was both immediate and positive. In the post containing the song, Wallen said that he has been wanting to release new music. So, it looks like he’s poised to make a return to the country music world. Some think it is too soon for him to come back. However, his fanbase is more than ready for new music or whatever else the “865” singer throws their way.

However, Morgan Wallen isn’t just doing interviews and dropping songs on social media. He is also taking steps to prove that he has grown as a person. He took inspiration from his family and started a charitable foundation that aims to better the lives of children of all ages. It is called the More Than My Hometown Foundation, named for his 2020 hit.

Morgan Wallen’s Charitable Foundation

Morgan Wallen’s More Than My Hometown Foundation, “Believes every young person deserves the best chance at a great life,” according to the website. They aim to open the door for greater opportunity and hope for children of all ages. They will do so, “By strengthening these four pillars: family, community, guidance, and love.”

Morgan Wallen’s foundation has specific plans to strengthen each of those pillars. They will work with communities to help foster children find loving, permanent homes. The foundation also plans to work with communities to develop as well as fund positive after-school programs. Those programs will help at-risk youth stay engaged in something positive and out of trouble.

At the same time, the More Than My Hometown Foundation hopes to encourage confidence, leadership skills, and critical thinking among the youth. So, they will donate educational technology, sports gear, and musical instruments to lower-income communities. Finally, they plan to arrange visits as well as live and pre-recorded performances by Morgan Wallen at children’s and veterans’ hospitals. Wallen’s foundation also plans to give gifts to patients and their families.

On the website, Morgan Wallen talked about the inspiration for the More Than My Hometown Foundation. “Since my parents fostered and now officially adopted my sister Lacey, I’ve witnessed what love and care can do for a child,” he said. Lacey, Wallen added, “Has transformed into a confident, trusting, and happy kid.”

He went on to add that he started the foundation so that no child’s resources are limited due to their circumstances.