Morgan Wallen Lives Every Outsider’s Dream Weekend: Turkey Hunting, College Sports, and Relaxing by the Fire

by Lauren Boisvert

Morgan Wallen has been busy on his Dangerous Tour, as well as popping into venues on tour stops to play acoustic shows. But recently, the country music star took a break before he heads back out on tour on April 14. He had quite a weekend: turkey hunting, watching the Tennessee baseball game, and relaxing by the fire. It’s an Outsider’s dream weekend.

Wallen posted a photo on Instagram documenting his turkey hunt. In the photo, he holds a turkey with an incredible array of tail feathers. Wallen looks thrilled in the photo. He captioned it, “–Gobbler ✓ –Vols sweep ✓ –Sittin by a fire to close out the weekend ✓.” Morgan Wallen is truly living the Outsider lifestyle, and I think we can all take some pointers from him.

Morgan Wallen Has Dream Weekend, Talks About What It’s Like On Tour

Wallen played 3 nights at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville earlier in March, and he spoke about what it was like to play the amazing venue. While on stage, he opened up about his experience on tour, and how he started singing on stage at 3 years old. “I’ve been singing ever since,” he said. “For me, it was always music and baseball. Those were the only things I did. I always imagined myself on The World Series. Bases loaded. I never really thought I’d be in Bridgestone Arena singing music, that’s for sure. But it feels like the World Series up here for me tonight.”

According to Wallen, he didn’t start writing until he was 19 years old; he wasn’t quite sure if he could write songs. When he moved to Nashville, he wrote “Chasin’ You,” which released in 2018. “This is the first song I wrote where when we got done, I thought, ‘That is a good song,'” he admitted. “This song means a lot to me because it gave me a lot of hope. It gave me a lot of faith.”

Morgan Wallen is not only having a dream weekend, he’s currently having a dream career; he’s doing collaborations with the likes of Lil Durk and Ernest, his massive double album “Dangerous” is breaking records, and he’s currently on an incredible US tour. Safe to say, Morgan Wallen is living the life.

‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ Set Record for Most Weeks at No. 1

Morgan Wallen has set a record with “Dangerous: The Double Album”; currently, it’s been number 1 on Billboard’s country album charts for 51 weeks. That’s the longest run since Billboard launched the country album charts in 1964.

“Dangerous” tied Luke Combs and Shania Twain at a 50-week record just last week, and it was clear it would continue to defend its number 1 spot. It was the most-streamed album in 2021, and sold 3.2 million units that year. “Dangerous” is still on an upward trend, and I predict it will break even more records before the year is out.