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Morgan Wallen Opens Up About ‘Saturday Night Live’ Experience

by Joe Rutland
(Photo By: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Country music singer-songwriter Morgan Wallen joins a long list of musical acts who have taken the spotlight on “Saturday Night Live.”

Wallen recently chatted with radio talk-show host Bobby Bones about his experience performing on the longtime NBC late-night show. Bones asked him if he still gets nervous before going on that show because, well, it is done before a live TV studio audience.

“For some reason, I really didn’t for that,” Wallen said. “I don’t know why. They were really accommodating towards us. They made us feel super comfortable so I think that really had a lot to do with it.

“If everybody had been real uptight then it might have been different,” he said. “But it was pretty relaxed and felt comfortable. The only thing that I was a little bit nervous about was after a skit, I had less than three minutes to change clothes and then go sing. So I was a little nervous about that but it was smooth.”

Around the 8:15 mark of the interview, listen in as Wallen and Bones talk about the “SNL” experience.

Morgan Wallen Wants To Sing These Songs Live For Fans

One of the things Morgan Wallen has yet to fully experience is having a really large crowd sing his songs back to him. With his new “Dangerous: The Double Album,” he has plenty of songs to pick from in his catalog.

It’s an experience other country musicians have had in their careers and, while he might not come out and say it, Wallen probably wants that sensation, too.

In the interview, Bones said, “Now you have songs that 20,000 people will sing back to you.”

“Yeah, it’s unreal,” Wallen said. “I don’t know.”

Ultimately, Wallen said, “I think ‘Sand In My Boots’ is one of my personal favorites, too. I’m really looking forward to seeing what that one’s like. It’s, um, you know it’s a bittersweet type of thing. Like a lot of what’s going on in the world, it’s bittersweet.”

“Sand In My Boots” is a song that reflects emotions and feelings around a relationship that was summer hot and cooled off.