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Morgan Wallen Opens Up on Disappointment of Getting Cut from ‘The Voice’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Country star Morgan Wallen has spoken out on the disappointment of being cut while on The Voice during a lengthy interview with Billboard.

Wallen auditioned for season six of The Voice in 2014. At the time, the 20-year-old singer looked very different. His appearance on the show predated his signature mullet and cut-off sleeved shirts. Yet, Wallen’s voice shined even as an amateur singer. Within 10 seconds of his audition, Colombian pop star Shakira turned her chair around. She wanted Wallen to join her team.

“Your voice is unique,” Shakira said to Wallen on the show. “I think there are no voices like your voice on today’s radio.”

Unfortunately for Wallen, he eventually got cut from the show following his performance of Florida Georgia Line’s “Stay.” He admits to being unsure of himself back then, and says he could’ve been better. However, he also used the disappointment of being cut from The Voice to motivate him. Once he left the show, he had a renewed energy to work even harder at his craft.

“That kid was really unsure of who he was just in general,” says Wallen of his experience on The Voice. “The disappointments just made me dig deeper and figure out why I didn’t win. Some things in life are out of your control. Being the best you can be isn’t. I didn’t feel like I was the best I could have been. So I practiced harder and really tried to make my voice second nature.”

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Morgan Wallen Chooses Team Usher After ‘The Voice’ Audition

After only the first line of his audition song, Shakira hit her buzzer as Morgan Wallen’s family screamed backstage. Eventually, another judge, R&B singer Usher, hit his buzzer as well to turn his chair around.

The two judges battled it out for Wallen to choose their respective teams. Fellow judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton sat this one out, missing out on the future country star’s services.

“You have something that is very unique. There’s not quite a voice like yours on The Voice. There were some moments in your performance that I felt like they were not properly executed,” Usher says, and Wallen agrees. “But that’s where coaching comes in, and you have the potential to be any type of artist you’d like to be. I really would like to win with you, and I’d like you to select me as your coach.”

The future “Whiskey Glasses” singer took a minute, and then decided to join Usher’s team of singers. As Wallen walks backstage, his family freaks out with excitement over Wallen’s performance before he shares why he picked Usher over Shakira.

“It literally felt like I was in a dream. I like Usher’s music personally and I’ve seen how he coaches people on the show. He kinda goes about it like say my baseball coach would. I like to be coached up,” Wallen explains before he and his family scream “Team Usher!”

The world got their first glimpse into Wallen’s future success on The Voice. But not many could’ve guessed just how successful he would become only six years later.