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Morgan Wallen Opens Up About Fame and Motivation for Fans’ Love: ‘It’s Almost Like a Drug’

by Jacklyn Krol
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Morgan Wallen is speaking candidly about fame and the need for love from his fans.

What Morgan Wallen Had to Say About TikTok

The “Up Down” singer spoke on The BobbyCast podcast on November 6. “I think it hit me in Alabama about six weeks ago,” Wallen said of his fame. He seemingly referenced the time when he had his performance on Saturday Night Live canceled due to not following COVID-19 safety guidelines. Fans posted TikTok videos of him partying without social distancing or a face mask and even kissed a random woman at parties after a college SEC football game. Prior to the SNL snafu, he first went viral for a video he originally posted on Instagram.

“I didn’t even really know what TikTok was when that whole thing happened,” he admitted. “Jake Owen had nominated me for a demo challenge on Instagram at the beginning of quarantine. Somebody screengrabbed it [his video from Instagram] and put it on TikTok.” Overall, it had 30 million hits before the song even officially released.

As for the SNL media attention, Wallen understands both sides of the controversy. “I know that I’ve got young kids that look up to me, I do want to be mindful of things,” he said. “I’m not going to let people control the way I live my life but I also want to be mindful. Having a son now, I don’t know if I’d be proud to show him those videos. I’ve got to think about some things differently.”

Morgan on Fame

Wallen admitted that he’s been going through phases where he doesn’t like the celebrity lifestyle. When he reached another high he would remember why he does this. He shared that he wants to make everyone happy and the feeling of being liked by your fans is indescribable.

“It’s so easy to base what you’re feeling on what other people think because that’s my job,” he explained. “I pour my heart and soul into this and I really want these people to like it. ‘Damn they do like it, they do like me, it’s awesome.'”

“But you start chasing that. You start wanting that feeling all the time, it’s almost like a drug.” Wallen added that he has always been the type of person that tries to make everyone around him happy. “It’s kind of like a catch 22,” he concluded.