Morgan Wallen Opens Up About Being Peers and Friends with One of His Idols, Eric Church

by Halle Ames

Imagine becoming friends with the person you looked up to as a child, whether that was an artist, athlete, or actor. Morgan Wallen lives this reality as he shares about being friends with his idol, Eric Church.

If you are going to idolize someone, we agree Eric Church is the way to go. His voice is like hot southern honey butter, and we cannot get enough! In fact, Morgan Wallen admits that he didn’t listen to country music that much until he heard Eric Church.

Told you, butter.

“The way he wrote songs and the way that he said things really struck a chord with me,” said the now 27-year-old artist. “His realness, raw emotion, and authenticity drew me in. Then I started digging a little bit deeper and started listening to Keith Whitley. I finally got into country music more, and when I picked up a guitar, that’s what I wrote.”

Morgan Wallen and Eric Church Bromance

With Morgan Wallen being a household name, as well as Country music’s bad boy, it’s hard to ignore him. Eric Church even admits that he is a fan of Wallen. How the tides have turned, the rookie meets the veteran.

“He’s real damn good, and he’s authentic,” Eric Church tells Billboard. “That’s the key. Morgan is not trying to be somebody else. He’s just doing him. It’s refreshing to see and hear.”

In addition, Church compliments Wallen’s skill in the song “Quittin’ Time,” saying he wasn’t “just hitting the technical parts of the song but the emotional ones. Those are the ones that matter.”

But how are you going to meet your idol and not share your almost stalker status admiration for them? Morgan Wallen says that he had to tell Eric Church how surreal it is that they are friends now.

“[Eric Church] knows how much he means to me, which is cool,” says Wallen. “I don’t obviously just sit around talking about that all the time, you know, being weird. But I told him just to get it out of the way: ‘Hey, by the way, man, I love you, bro.'”

Please let the record show that, hey, Eric Church, we love you too, bro!