Morgan Wallen Plays Yet Another Acoustic Set for Small Room: ‘Musical Experience I’ll Never Forget’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Morgan Wallen has had a hell of a week and after three consecutive nights of sold-out shows and an intimate barroom performance, he still found the energy to play yet another acoustic set for a small room of eight lucky fans. And despite the exhaustion, the country megastar took to Instagram to thank that small audience for a musical experience he won’t soon forget. Check out the heartfelt tribute below.

When Morgan Wallen released his double album in January of 2021, it debuted his song, “Livin’ the Dream,” and despite its melancholy tone, we see a little bit of that message reflected in the artist’s post here.

In a raw, even vulnerable caption, he writes, “Played a little acoustic show for 8 fan winners last night as well. I was super exhausted after 3 shows in Nashville and to be honest, dreading it a little. But these fans were so cool and appreciative. They brought an energy into that room that made me dig a little deeper than I knew I could.”

Speaking to the experience of the acoustic set, Morgan Wallen continued, “I didn’t sing the best I ever had nor did I play the best I ever had. But not only did I end up enjoying it, it ended up being a musical experience I’ll never forget.”

Since he was temporarily exiled from country music last year, Morgan Wallen has remained under intense fan scrutiny. However, his latest post proves his growth as both an artist and an individual, and we’re thankful for all the music he’s shared with us and continues to share with us.

He concluded the post, “Extremely thankful for the connection we have thru this music.”

Morgan Wallen’s Son Attends Dad’s Historic Nashville Concert

Morgan Wallen made history in Music City this weekend, and it will surely go down as the experience of a lifetime for both the artist and fans in attendance. However, making the experience even more memorable, Morgan Wallen’s son wound up attending one of his dad’s performances, making it little Indigo Wilder Wallen’s first concert.

Indigo’s mama, KT Smith, shared photos from the concert on her Instagram, capturing the sweet boy wearing cowboy boots, a leather belt, and cowboy hat–the perfect attire to attend his daddy’s concert in.

KT Smith captioned her post, “may or may not have cried seeing little man’s watch his daddy for his first ever concert, also surrounded by love from family.”

Fans took to the comments to share their adoration of the little boy.

“It’s the buckle n boots for me,” wrote one fan. Another said, “So dang adorable! Love his boots and belt.”

Between three consecutive nights of historic Nashville performances, multiple acoustic sets, and his son’s first concert, Morgan Wallen is closing out March on quite a high note.