Morgan Wallen Returns to Country Music Airwaves With Single ‘Sand in My Boots’

by Clayton Edwards

Morgan Wallen found himself in hot water with the music industry earlier this year. As a result, his music largely disappeared from the airwaves and he took some time away from the public eye. However, Wallen started slowly working his way back into the spotlight last month.

In late July, he sat down with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America to talk about his personal growth. A couple of days later, he teased a new song on his Instagram account. Then, he joined Luke Bryan on stage at Bridgestone Arena. Now, his first official single upon his return is hitting the country music radio stations.

According to Billboard, Big Loud Records is dropping “Sand in My Boots,” to country radio. The single is the opening track from his record-breaking album Dangerous which hit shelves in January.

According to many online resources, the single won’t officially drop until August 23. However, it is already making waves on the charts. It currently sits at number 5 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and number thirty-nine on the publication’s Country Airplay chart.

“Sand in My Boots,” marks Morgan Wallen’s official return to country radio after a seven-month ban. However, some country stations started slowly adding his music back into rotation earlier in the summer. Billboard reported that stations added “Whiskey Glasses,” and “Sand in My Boots,” to their playlists as early as June.

Morgan Wallen is currently receiving the most radio support in his hometown of East Tennessee. The Knoxville native’s new single is in heavy rotation on Johnson City, Tennessee’s WXBQ as well as Knoxville’s WCYO. However, a total of 29 of the 149 country radio stations that report to the Country Airplay chart are already playing Wallen’s latest single.

A Look at Morgan Wallen’s Latest Single

Morgan Wallen’s latest single has a powerhouse writing team behind it. Ashley Gorley, HARDY, and Josh Osborne joined forces to co-pen the track. Each of them has several chart-toppers under their belts. It looks like “Sand in My Boots,” will be another one, given a little time.

Lyrically, the song tells the age-old story of a country boy on vacation meeting a girl on the beach, falling for her, and then going home without her. The chorus laments the fact that the protagonist didn’t bring the girl back with him. The only thing he brought back from the beach was the sand in his Red Wing boots.

Sonically, “Sand in My Boots,” is built on the same solid foundation as many sad country songs before it. For the most part, keys and a softly crying steel guitar fill the air not taken up by Morgan Wallen’s vocals. However, some understated drums and guitars do weave their way in later in the tune.