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Morgan Wallen Reveals the Tragic Performance That Made Him Get Serious About Music Career

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Josh Brasted/ Getty Images)

Morgan Wallen takes a walk down memory lane to reveal the awful performance that made him get serious about his music career.

Early in Wallen’s career, his booking agent sent him to Greenville, North Carolina, to play a few cover band shows so he could see how his band was. The country music star said he was optimistic for the first show, especially in a college town.

“We were playing long, long sets. Like three hours. This one was in Greenville, North Carolina. It was the first one we had done, man. What they told us was, we were going to go to Greenville, North Carolina. That’s where East Carolina University is at. It’s like a Friday or something. Yeah, sure. There are going to be a lot of college kids. Hell yeah, it’ll be great!”

Not What The Band Expected

However, it was nothing like the band’s expectations, as the show started to take a turn for the worst.

“We get there, and like the first thing the dude says to us is like, ‘yeah, by the way, guys, it’s rush week or something. None of the frats or sororities are allowed to go out.’ I’m like, okay,” he says. Also adding, with a laugh, “Maybe there are some people that stuck around that are a little younger, or they didn’t make it to the frat, you know. As soon as he said that, I start pounding PBR’s in the middle of the day.”

Wallen also says that he was not happy to be performing at this show and made sure the audience knew that. He was also very unprepared for the songs on the setlist.

“We get out there, and I’m pretty lit, dude, and like, honestly, we had not had a chance to practice like that much. And there are a bunch of songs on this list. So I’m d*mn near making up words of these songs, lit, singing. I start, like midway through it like talking sh*t to the crowd, I’m like ‘God, you guys suck!’ I’m just not having a good time, I’m not feeling it at all. Telling my band to replay the cords. ‘Let’s just keep this song going because I don’t know the next one.'”

Morgan Wallen Gets Serious About His Career

Morgan Wallen says that it was so bad it changed his tone and made him get serious about his career.

“It was one of those moments where I knew I didn’t want to do that; play cover band shows because it was extremely difficult and just don’t ever know what you are going to get. But it was one of those moments. I was just like, ‘wow, I need to get it together.’ We really need to– I want to make something of this. I really, really love singing, I really don’t like singing other people’s music the whole time. I’d really like to sing my own, so let’s hone in and really work on this. That was the worst one we ever did.”

The hard work has paid off, though, as Morgan Wallen has become a household name in the music industry.