Morgan Wallen Shares Acoustic Version of ‘865’ from ‘Dangerous Sessions’

by Brianna Vacca
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT)

Earlier this year, Morgan Wallen released his double-album “Dangerous: The Double Album” which broke many records. Understandably so.

Now, Wallen is releasing a set of acoustic videos that are a part of the “Dangerous Sessions” to expand on his release “Dangerous: The Double Album” and we can’t complain about that. His latest video, released on October 19th, is an acoustic version of “865.”

The video for “865” features Wallen’s vocals, guitar-playing, accompanied by subtle guitars, light, and complementary harmonies and drumming. “865” narrates the story of drunk-dialing an ex. However, the phone call is heightened by a little liquid courage. Written with John Byron and Jake Pendergrass, the song depicts the all-too-well story of wanting to drink somebody off of your mind. However, when Jack Daniels is involved, you just want to do the complete opposite.

Wallen spills, “‘865’ is a song that was originally sent to me called ‘919.’ I don’t even know where that area code is at. I’m sorry if you’re from that area code, I’m sure you’re great. 865 is the area code that I use, and if I hear those 3 digits, it takes me back to a place or time. It just makes me think of home. I thought it was unique in the way that they used it. And also, whoever’s number that is, I am extremely sorry.”

He sings, “Yeah, one last time, don’t think twice. Girl, just pick it up and come over. Give the bedroom door a little closure. I know I told you I wouldn’t call, and I tried. But this bottle tastes like 865-409-1021. This bottle tastes like 865-409-1021.”

Dangerous: The Double Album

The “Dangerous Sessions” also sees an acoustic rendition of “Wasting On You” – one of the first videos he’s released for the sessions.

“Dangerous: The Double Album” is Morgan Wallen’s sophomore record following “If I Know Me.” Released by both Republic Records and Big Loud Records, the album followed the release of singles “More Than My Hometown,” “7 Summers,” “This Bar,” “Cover Me Up,” “Heartless,” “Still Goin’ Down,” “Livin’ The Dream,” and Somebody’s Problem.”

The collection earned a whopping 265,000 sales in the first week and debuted at Number One on the US Billboard 200 and US Top Country Albums chart. The album features special guests Chris Stapleton and Ben Burgess and has producer credits from Joey Moi, Jacob Durrett, Charlie Handsome, Matt Dragstrem, and Dave Cohen.

More Than My Hometown Foundation

This summer, Wallen launched More Than My Hometown Foundation. “More Than My Hometown Foundation” comes from Wallen’s fourth consecutive Number One single. The foundation helps children, adolescents, and teenagers find families that can nurture their needs and become forever family.