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Morgan Wallen Speaks Out on Balancing Being Authentic in Battle for Public Admiration

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Terry Wyatt/ Getty Images)

After stepping back from the public eye after a wave of partying videos erupted, Morgan Wallen speaks out on balancing life while still being authentic.

On Tuesday, Morgan Wallen joined Theo Von for an interview about his battle internally with fans. Von talks about why fans are gravitated to Wallen regardless of anything they might hear about him in the tabloids.

“It’s hard to put that into words too. It’s like, I don’t know what it is that people like about me or what it is that people like about you, but it’s clearly something they are drawn to, that they feel connected to. I think it is just being real, dude. I really do. A lot of people just think they have to be a certain way or do a certain thing. Everybody has a really good way of sensing out someone who is not being genuine.”

Von says that being a genuine person is rare in this day in age, unfortunately. The country music star says that you have to balance being real and being cool, or else people won’t like you.

“But you also have to be cool. Your authentic self has to be cool. If you are not, then I guess you are just out of luck. You know, if you just aren’t a cool person, then you are lame,” Wallen says while sharing a laugh with Von. “You have got to have both.”

Morgan Wallen and SNL

It seems like the balance is still something Wallen is working on.

In early October, Wallen was canceled from being the Saturday Night Live musical guest after videos surfaced of him breaking many different CDC COVID-19 protocols while partying in Tuscaloosa. Wallen took to his social media platform to apologize for the incident.

“My actions this past weekend were pretty short-sighted, and they’ve obviously affected my long-term goals and my dreams,” he said in an Instagram video. “I respect the show’s decision because I know that I put them in jeopardy. And on a more personal note, I think I have some growing up to do. You know, I think I’ve lost myself a little bit. I’ve tried to find joy in the wrong places, and I don’t know, it’s left with less joy. So I’m going to try to go work on that.”