Morgan Wallen Talks About How ‘Quittin’ Time’ Came Together with Eric Church, Luke Laird and Josh Thompson

by Jon D. B.

Tune into the Bobby Bones Show with us for some great reveals from Morgan Wallen, including how his final track on new album Dangerous came to be.

Bobby Bones is back at it: diving into the questions we all want answered with America’s favorite country stars. Sitting down with Morgan Wallen on the 8th, Bones is eager to get into the artist’s most recent record, Dangerous. More specifically, Bones is eager to delve into the development of “Quittin’ Time,” the stellar final track Wallen’s released on the album with an all-star roster.

“I’m fans of all of you individually,” Bones prefaces his question. He is referencing some big names here. “Quittin’ Time” comes courtesy of Morgan Wallen, of course, but joining him for the single are none other than Eric Church, Luke Laird, and Josh Thompson.

So how does an all-star lineup like this end up collaborating on a Morgan Wallen track? The story is, honestly, not what we expected at all!

‘Quittin’ Time’ Was Practically a Gift from Luke Laird, Eric Church

“How’d that song come to you?” Bones asks after praising each artist.

“We were still on tour at that point,” Wallen responds, “and I had brought Luke [Laird]… out to write some songs one weekend while we were out. Luke’s obviously a frequent collaborator with Eric [Church]. He heard me say something during my show about Eric Church, so he’s like ‘oh man, I love him too, I write with him on some stuff. Let me play you some songs we wrote,'” Wallen continues of the session.

As for how “Quittin’ Time” itself developed, Wallen reveals that the song was actually already written.

“And so we listen, and I heard [Quittin’ Time], and I really liked it. I said – is [Eric Church] going to record that?” Wallen recalls. Turns out – Church had no plans to record the song himself. As a result, Wallen wound up with the final – and one of his best – tracks on Dangerous.

Wallen asked Laird & Eric directly if he could record the song – “and they said yeah!” he smiles. The rest, as they say, is now history. You never know until you ask, right?

Watch: Bobby Bones Talks ‘Dangerous’ with Morgan Wallen

Bones asks a multitude of other insightful questions within the interview amid performances. All of which make for excellent viewing for any Morgan Wallen fan.

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