Morgan Wallen Shares Teaser of Possible New Music To Come

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)

 Moran Wallen is slowly making his way back into the limelight. Back in February, the music industry exiled the East Tennessee native after a controversial video emerged. However, after taking some time to work on himself he started to reintroduce himself to the country music world. In recent weeks, Wallen held a benefit concert for flood victims in Middle Tennessee. Additionally, the “Sand in My Boots,” singer announced some upcoming tour dates. He has also teased some new music on his Instagram account.

Back in July, Morgan Wallen posted a demo for a song called “You Proof.” Hearing new music from the “865,” singer excited most of his fans. However, the song showed an obvious shift in his sound. The music behind his lyrics was a far cry from his normal radio-ready country sound. Instead, it sounded more like a laid-back hip-hop beat.

Last night, Morgan Wallen posted a short clip from a new song. He didn’t list the title in the post. However, he did say, “Idk what this is or what it’s for but sounds ‘bout right.” Check out the audio clip below.

It seems like Morgan Wallen is sticking to the earlier shift away from country-sounding music. The music behind his lyrics would be right at home on a hip-hop banger. As a result, his fans gave mixed reactions to the sample.

Reactions to Morgan Wallen’s Potential New Track

Of course, many comments were full of positivity. One of those positive commenters was Morgan Wallen’s tourmate ERNEST. He urged fans to “Use this comment as a ‘f**k yea’ button.” Over 4,000 people obliged. However, several of his fans definitely wouldn’t be pressing that button. Instead, they posted their own comments.

The funniest of those was, “Post Wallone,” comparing Morgan Wallen’s demo to Post Malone. However, another commenter just wanted to know, “Morgan what is this?” Some others weren’t concerned about what it was. They just didn’t like it. “No,” stated one commenter, keeping things simple. Another gave more detail, “The beat ain’t it,” they said.

Don’t think that everyone is jumping ship in fear that Morgan Wallen is becoming a tractor rap artist, though. One fan didn’t like the single but will still support Wallen. They summed up the feelings of many of his fans when they said, “Morgan ILY, but no.” Nearly 2000 fans agreed by liking the comment. A handful more replied to the comment with variations of “I came here to say the same thing, but you beat me to it.”

Morgan Wallen’s latest album Dangerous was massively successful despite (or because of) the controversy surrounding him. It seems like his legions of loyal fans are ready to hear new music from Wallen. They don’t care if it doesn’t sound like country music, they’re just hungry for more Wallen.